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Early n´Quick Update

Let´s say I just already missed you guys!

Well, I was right. About my mom. And the whole yogurt+granola idea…

So, by 1am or so, I ate:


– 1/2 cup of plain yogurt

– A Nature Valley´s Honey&Oats granola bar

It was yummy! I may or may not have addeded a little bit of artificial sweetener… I need more sweetness in my life 😉

So… I may or may not see you soon.

Hope so!







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No, it´s not a real goodbye 😉

But it´s definetely an “see you soon”.

The thing is: tomorrow morning (9am) I´ll be traveling to São Paulo for New Year´s Eve. And then I´m spending a week there. Which means I´ll probably not be posting for a whole week :S

Sad, I know. But it´ll be hard to find a Windows Live Writer at the hotel. Or at my mom´s friend house. And you guys know how hard it is to blog directly from Ugly truth :/

Oh, well. What to say? I´ll miss you. I´ll miss blogging. But I promise that I´ll do an enormous recap when I come back! And that I won´t forget about picturing 🙂

Now, moving on from sadness to foodies. I went to the mall with my sister, her babysitter, her friend, my grandma and her friend. It went kinda well. Mostly because I had this little piece of heaven:



Frozen Yogurt. YUMMY!

I had a natural flavoured one with bananas, blueberries and pineapple as toppings. For a change!


Then, I was headed to Dani´s house. It was AWESOME! We had SO much fun. Her friend, Bia, is the funniest.

But anyway. We went out to dinner with her parents, her grandma and grandpa, and her sister. They chose “Bráz” – where pizza is the speciality. Hum… not my thing :/

But it was fun. Her relatives are awesome. I was pretty happy to order:


“Artesanal Salad” – cherry tomatoes, Buffalo Mozarella cheese, and basically some greens 🙂

It was good!

I threw some of the “special sauce” too… Don´t know what it´s made of, though.




I had one of those Iced Teas during the meal. Except it a peach-flavoured one. This is an old pic, from Pizza Hut 😉

I ate about 3/4 of it. Look at my plate, at the end:


Oh, well.

But I know Mom is gonna say I should have yogurt+granola, so I´ll probably have some later.

Anyway… See ya soon!

I´ll maybe even post a quick post, just to talk about my night-snack. Hehe. 😉



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Quick, Filling, Not-So-Yummy

Hum… remember that pie I ate for supper yesterday?

The heart-of-palms+peas+tomato sauce one? By Nete?

So, we had nothing but this today. Which means I had a quick, filling and not-so-yummy lunch. Oh, well. This is the life.


Obviously, I took a mini-sized piece so I could fill it up with coloured nutritients 🙂

– 1 mini-slice of heart-of-palms+peas+tomato pie

– 3 slices of tomato

– lettuce

– raw spinach

– sprinkles of grated beets and carrots

Colorful, huh?

I´m already late to meet my mom. We´re buying some New-Year stuff before hanging out with grandma 🙂



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Well… Not completely 😉

But let´s start from the beggining. I decided today would be a productive one. Once I had an appointment at the nearest beauty salon at 8:30am (!), I settled my alarm clock to 7am. I woke up quickly. The first thing I did was turn on the computer (hehe). Then, I chose my clothes and gave myself a little blog-reading time.  By 7:30am or so, I took a shower (which made me finally 100% awake, haha). A little later, I remembered my appointment and ran to get some breakfast 😉

I realized I had only a few minutes, but as I didn´t want anything cold…


I stayed with the warm and comfy: sliced banana with 1 tbsp of rolled oats and 1/4 tbsp of rolled linseed.

By the way, I wanted to ask you guys something. Do you think my bananas are small?


I don´t know. I just have this odd felling that all the other bananas are bigger. Like in the USA – I only see GIANT bananas. Really (no pun intended).

Now, back to the title. As I was saying, I just got back from the beauty salon. Could finally get my nails did! They were already starting to look disgusting. Remeber the photos from my last trip??


Let´s forget about the past, shall we? 😉

Look at them now:


Much better, huh?


Foot nails. Classy.

Anyway: nails weren´t the only thing I was doing at the salon. I was supposed to get a hair treatment called “Smart Blow-Dry”. Technically speaking, this thing would actually make my hair have less volume.

But, guess what?! The moment the hair-stylist started applying the chemical product on my hair, I began to feel uncomfortable. In pain. Apparently, I have some kind of a tiny would somewhere in my scalp. Which, unfortunately, made the hair treatment impossible to me.

Oh, well. What can I do? I tried, at least.

I ended up doing just a hair-hydration. It felt good, it was quick, it was painless. Besides, my hair smells good 🙂

So, I´m happy. It wasn´t a complete fail, anyhow.

I guess I´ll just hang out with grandma at the mall this afternoon. Then, I´m headed to a friend´s house. Shall be fun 🙂



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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Haha. This title is much better then the last one, don´t you think? 😉

I just got back from the theater! I saw “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” with some friends. It was cute! The only bad thing was that Nicolas told me the end of the movie before the beginning of our session. I wanted to kill him! :/

But it was cool, anyway. For a sad movie. I guess it was the company I enjoyed the most 🙂

After the end of our session, we were freezing. The guys were wet from the rain, and let´s just say the air-conditioner wasn´t very helpful. Hehe.

So we went to the fist floor of the mall, straight to Starbucks. I ordered a tall Latte with non-fat milk. It was hot and yummy! 😀


Mine´s the “closed” one. The other one is Luiza´s – she ordered a Hot Chocolate 🙂

I haven´t had this forever! It was much better then I remembered 😉

Anyway. This was by 8pm or so. It was awesome to chat with a hot drink. Haha.

I got home by 9pm. Everybody had already had dinner. So I heated up some stuff left from what they´ve eaten:


– 1 (fuzzy) slice of heart-of-palms+peas+tomato sauce pie

– lettuce

– 2 slices of tomato

It wasn´t really one of Nete´s best dishes. Nete is our “babysitter” – she basically babysitts my baby sister and makes our food 😉

It wasn´t horrible, but it wasn´t yummy either. Oh, God… But I had to eat it. At least to make her happy.

Well, let´s take the bright side: I´m satisfied for today!


Ok, then. See ya tomorrow!



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You Don´t Have To Tell Me What To Eat

Ok, sorry about the title.

It´s for my mom. I really really hate when she screams at be about food. She thinks she can control every single thing a put in my mouth!

Ok, I´m 14. But I´ve grown up! She can´t control me like that! I would never skip a meal like that! She´s becoming obsessed with my health, and I´m pretty tired of all this drama. What´s her problem with me, anyway?!

Oh, God. All I can do is pray 🙂

Moving on to food now. I had the lunch my mom said I should have. Blew.


– 1 piece of grilled chicken

– 2 tbsp of rice

– ~5tbsp of black beans

– lettuce

– 1 slice of tomato

– spinkle of grated carrots

Yeah, I guess that´s it.

I hope I can make it to the cinema today.

What´s the name of that film with Richard Gere and the dog? I completely forgot.


See ya!



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Back Home

I had a short sleep-night. I went to sleep by 2:30am and woke up by 9:30am. Well, too short for me 🙂

By the time I woke up, my mom and my stepfather were already up, working, walking, talking on the phone… Oh, gosh. Sometimes I feel they simply don´t sleep. Weird.

But anyway. My mom threw my breakfast on me the moment she saw me awake. So, slowly, I made my first meal of the day:


– 1 sliced banana

– 1 tbsp of rolled oats

– 1/4 tbsp of rolled linseed

Yeah. Simple but yummy 🙂

So… here I go.

I have a lot to do today… unfortunately.




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