And, just so you know, I´m having dessert while blogging 😉

I decided to have a real dinner. Deep inside, I wanted yogurt + muesli (something like granola). But then, I noticed we´re outta bananas :/

This means I won´t be able to have cutted bananas + rolled oats tomorrow morning. Which means I´ll have yogurt +muesli as breakfast.

But how boring it is to have the same thing as dinner and breakfast?

So, I decided to have:


-mashed pumpkin

-6 pieces of heart-of-palms

-2 mini-pieces of ricota n´spinach pie

-1 piece of tomato

-some pickles

-grated carrots and beets

And, of course…


One glass of Matte Tea 🙂

For dessert, that I´m having right now…



-3 “kinda destroyed” pieces of pineapple.

I´m a happy and satisfied girl 🙂

Good Night, y´all!




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