Food Photos

So, I had a semi-productive afternoon.

I mean, I started this blog. And watched TV. And chatted with Grandpa.

But, besides… nothing :/

So, let´s say it was 7:30pm when my stomach growled. And I decided to have a quick snack:



In the pack, there were 2 granola bars. Oats&Honey flavoured 😉

I had only one of them.




A little glass of Matte Tea. A Diet Matte Tea with Lemons, to be more specific 🙂

I simply LOVE Matte Tea. I really don´t know how I´ll survive more then 1 week without it (while at Boston/NY).

So, that gives me the right to, at 10:30pm, be hungry. Right, guys? 😉

I´m choosing between a snack or a real dinner.

Make your bets.




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