Unknown Enemy

Hey, guys!

Sorry I took so long to post. I had a fun Friday!

Yesterday, by 4pm, my friend Helena picked me up with her mom and her little brother.

We went to the mall to watch “Avatar”!

The movie would start at 5:30pm, which gave us a little time to walk through the mall. We stopped for FRO-YOs!



I used as toppings:

– banana

– pineapple

I was a happy girl by the end 🙂



What I didn´t know was that “Avatar” was a 3-hours-long movie. WOW!

During it, I drank half of this:


Diet Matte Tea with lemons!

(P.S.: I´m never doing this again. I needed to go to the bathroom so bad by the half of the movie!)

Anyway. As I had planned to meet my friends at 7pm, this was quite sad. We had to leave the cinema and miss the last few minutes 😦

But, in the end, it was worth it. I arrived at the party by 8:30pm, and the gift exchange hadn´t happend yet 🙂

I bought a mini Uniqua (from Backyardigans) and ended up with a cool watch. Super cool ;D

Throught the party, we munched on:


(something with raw salmon. That´s all I know)




( before I took the photo, the yellow things were japanese gingers)

Everything was “accompanied” by:



Shoyu sauce! (Soy sauce. Whatever)

It was really yummy!

I ate a bunch of japanese gingers and raw salmon. I heart japanese food 😀

When I got to my Dad´s house, I ate:



A giant apple. Infortunately, it was a bit.. mushy. Oh, well. I heart apples, anyway.

I slept by 2am. Wow. And I woke up by 11am. Healthy 🙂

As breakfast, I had:


(don´t mind the stupid bites! I forgot to snap a picture before starting to eat. Again. Oops.)

– 1 slice of whole grain bread

– ~1 tbsp of cottage cheese

And, a couple of minutes later..


Another apple. I´m boring, I know it.

So, it´s almost 3pm now. Time to take a bath.

It´s hot in here!




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