Changing Plans

So, I was supposed to be having lunch with Daniela.

But, because I spent so much time to get home, and because she ended up having a class at 1pm, we decided to cancel and do something tomorrow. Watch a movie or something 🙂

Anyway. I woke up ~10:30pm. I had, as usual:


– 1 sliced banana

– 1 tbsp of rolled oats

YUM! I missed this, already.

As for the lunch at home… I didn´t regret it.


– 2 tbsp of brown rice

– 4 tbsp of black beans

– 2 pieces of cooked pumpkin

– 4 slices of cucumber

– 1 slice of spinach+carrots+corn pie

– 1 slice of ricotta+spinach pie

As boisson…


Last glass of Matte! Thank God we´re back from the supermarket, and we bought a full bottle there 😉

(don´t mind the food behind the glass of Diet Matte Tea With Lemons. It´s my sister´s nuggets and the [almost] whole pie. Hehe)

Oh, and I had lunch by 1:30pm. Or 2pm. Whatever 🙂

Today is Nete´s birthday!

She´s our “babysitter”. She babysits my little sister, and she takes care of the house. We love her!



We´re throwing a small party for her, with cake and all.

Hope she likes it 🙂

I´ll be back!




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