So, today was an awesome day 🙂

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Nete, and then she left to celebrate with her family. When everybody left, I made myself a little snack:


This is:

– 1 slice of whole wheat bread

– 1/2 tbsp of cottage cheese

Then, me, my mom and my sister Bruna headed to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas by 6:30pm.

My mom went running as soon as she got there. As for my and my sister..

We rented tricycles and we cycled 7,5km! Around the hole Lagoa (lagoon)!

It was awesome. And we did it in almost 45 min. I felt great at the end!

But, of course, I was dehydrated. THIRST. Hehe.

I had about half of this:


Diet Matte Tea! With Lemons!


Anyway, we were home by 8pm. But we had decided (a few minutes earlier) that we would watch “Julie&Julia”´s 9pm session. So we rushed!

We all took a nice quick bath and then went to the mall. It was fun, but finding a spot at the parking lot was pretty hard (a spot where my mom would be able to park, to be more specific). Anyway!

When I got there, I was so hungry. My mom and sister had packed a sandwich while home, but I didn´t 😦

So I went straight to business when I got there 😉




My weakness! FRO-YOs!

I had a small natural flavoured one, with bananas (X2!) and pineapples as toppings.

I know I always order the same thing… But it´s so amazing! I simply can´t get enough of it 😀

I had planned on having the other half of the Matte while at the cinema, but I was already full. And bathroom called me. If you can understand… 😛

Anyway, moving on. After I got home (by 11:30pm), somehow, I was a bit hungry. And my mom said I needed to have dinner, so…


– 1 slice of spinach+carrots+corn pie

– 5 slices of cucumber

– lettuce (that´s kinda uncountable!)

– 1 small piece of grated pumpkin

– 3 half of tomato slices

Seasoned with good old salt… hehe.

And accompanied by…



But I just can´t stop having Matte.


Today was like heaven.

I loved the movie, had a great workout, ate delicious foods…


I´m happy. And dreaming about NY.

I really hope to gain those damn pounds. Oh, God. I´ll need your help.

Oh, well… It´s late. Gotta go!




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