Not a Such Healthy Day

So, today we went christmas shopping!

YAY! 😀

We woke up by 11am and had breakfast.


(It´s not a surprise that I forgot picturing before starting to eat. Hehe.)

I had a banana with 1 tbsp of rolled oats and 1/2 tbsp of rolled linseed.


Anyway, we went out by noon. And we got to the mall by 12:30am.. Which gave us only 2 hours do find the presents. RUSH, RUSH!

But we were lucky. We´ve found almost all the presents by 2pm. But my mom and my sister were starving, so we stopped at the food court. Can anyone guess what I had while they picked up their banana-pies and hot-dogs?


This was truly PURE YUMMINESS.


Probably the best I EVER had!


Topped, this time, with pineapples, bananas and blackberrys!


(My best shot)

Ok, loved it. Now I´m back home, and I have english class at 4pm. Which means I´ll probably skip lunch. Bad girl!

Hehe. See ya!




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