Early Christmas

I´m back from my Grandfather´s house.

We just celebrated our “early christmas”! It was kinda fun 🙂

In fact, me and my cousin watched “Glee” and chatted the whole time. But I bet everybody was having fun as well 😉

Anyway. As I had a late breakfast, lunch was made by 4pm. Me and my Grandfather ordered chinese food. YUM!

I had:


Portion #1 of Chicken “chop-suey” + Light Nestea.


Portion #2 of Chicken “chop-suey”. And the rest of the Light Nestea.

Finished “plates” (haha):


It was YUMMY! And it had lots of vegetables 😀

Anyway. The party started ~7:30pm. Through it, I ate:


(Light Grape Juice #1)


(Piece of Soy bread + Brie cheese)


( Light Grape Juice #2 – half of it)

And then there was “Christmas Food”.

I´m sorry to disappoint you guys, but I really HATE Christmas food.

Eeew. Really.

So, when I got home, I immediately made this:



(plain yogurt+ 1 Nature Valley Honey+Oats granola bar)

And… I´m still thinking of what you I eat next!

Pineapple slices sound really appealing right now..


Let´s see. I´ll blog it later 🙂




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