Merry Christmas Eve

I woke up by 11am today. And just because my stepfather woke me up 😉

Anyway. I had breakfast by this time. We were in a hurry to get to the mall on time.

I had:


1 banana+… well, you know the rest. Rolled oats, rolled linseed… I´m boring :/

Moving on. We arrived at the mall by 12:30pm. We bought some presents, I found the cutiest shoe… 🙂

But then my sister got hungry. And then my mom. And then my other sister. Oops.

So we had to find quick stuff to eat. My sister had a double-hot-dog, my mom had an Ice-Cream cone, my little sister had a Ovomaltine Milkshake… All kinds of junk food :/

Which meant I had to find something to snack on. Lunch-like.

So I had:



A whole wheat croissant 🙂



With ricotta+chester. YUM!



As always. Diet Matte Tea With Lemons.

But my mom thought it was too “unfilling”. Haha.

So, for dessert, I had the YUMMIEST THING EVER…


a.k.a FRO-YO!


I had to order a medium-sized one (long story… ).

As toppings: pineapple and banana (X2!). I´m predictable.

I had almost the whole thing!


I could´t go any further than this. My stomach was FULL.

I gave the rest to my stepfather, who loved it 🙂

Hey, it´s CHRISTMAS EVE, right? I don´t have to have a real lunch 😉

Hum, here I go. I have to find another outfit for tonight. Oh, God. This will take me a while…

XOXO, and Merry Christmas Eve!


P.S.: Photos from yesterday´s party! The whole crew!


See y´all!



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