Weekend Recap

Hey, guys!

I´ve been away for what seemed like a year! Time in blog-world is definitely faster 😉

Anyhow, we woke up extremely early yesterday (by 6:45am). We wanted to get to Angra before the traffic. As we had already packed, it was so much easier. We simply put on some clothes and brushed our teeth, and we were ready to go 🙂

I kinda slept through the whole roadtrip. I felt like I was in another world. I put on my iPod and closed my eyes – and I didn´t feel the time passing at all. A couple of minutes before we arrive, I started hearing voices – with my eyes still closed. I only opened my eyes the second we stopped for breakfast.

I was already kinda hungry. It was 9am or something. I ate:


– 1 cup of non-fat plain yogurt

– 1 Nature Valley Honey+Oats granola bar


The sad thing: the texture was horrible. I know how good those things are – I just got the wrong “copy”. The spoiled copy. YAY for me. But it was yummy, anyway. I heart yogurt 🙂

Moving on. We grabbed the boat (launch. Whatever) by 9:30am, so we got early at the isle. My grandfather´s house is at one of the isles of the archipelago of Angra dos Reis. It´s an amazing, beautiful place:


We were still sleepy. But the wind kinda woke us:


My grandfather, my little sister Lelê, my sister Bruna and me. With the green shirt 🙂

Did I mention it´s a stunning place? Just look at the “artistic photos” we took:



Isn´t it the most beautiful place EVER?!

But anyway. We were headed to the beach by noon. Me and Mom decided to go on a hike to the beach, instead of using the boat. Just before leaving, I had a banana:


This wasn´t really the ripest banana, and I wasn´t really hungry.. But my Mom said I simply had to eat. Why? “Because I said so”.


She scares me, sometimes.

But the hike was awesome. We picked the wrong way a couple of times, but it was fun. We took the time to chat about the trip to NY, make plans.. It was good 🙂

I love you, mom 🙂

We arrived at the beach by 1:15pm. We stayed there until 3pm – it was SO FREAKING HOT. The water was cool – not so cold, not so hot. AH-MAZING 🙂

By 2pm or so, we stopped at a local bar for some appetizers. My family ordered a portion of cheese pastry and another one of cassava dumpling with shrimp. Everything fried. Ew :/

But yes, I was kinda hungry. So I took a few sips from my mom´s passion fruit juice. Refreshing 🙂




I had an apple just before leaving. I was kinda hungry 😉


A mini-Pink Lady. A little acid, but the perfect size.


Yeah. I know. My mom is gorgeous 🙂

Moving on to lunch. By 4pm, my grandfather made a yummy BBQ. I had:


Plate #1:

– salad (spinach, carrots, tomato and olives)

– 1 BBQ chicken wing


Addition #1:

– 1 slice of broccoli+ricotta pie


Addition #2:

– 1 BBQ chicken wing


One-and-only trial:

– 1 mini-piece of baked sweet potato

I LOVED IT! And simply had to eat one on my own.


Additon #3:

–  An AMAZINGLY baked sweet potato

At the end, I tried the pineapple before they heated it up. It was SO acid. Blew 😦


My plate, at the end:


Oh, well.

Through the meal:




Glass#2 of Diet Matte Tea. Just a little bit!

I was SO stuffed at the end. We went upstairs to chat, read, etc…

I had nothing else. Went to bed by 10pm. Zzz

I woke up early today. By 9am. My sister was already awake,but she, my grandfather, his wife and my little sister were gone. They went out rowing through the isle. I regretted not beeing awake when they left :S

But still. I enjoyed the morning to read blogs, catch up on people´s postings.. Pretty fun 🙂

When they came back, we had breakfast. It was about 10:30am.


1 sliced banana, 1 tbsp of rolled oats… pretty much the same as always.

Then we enjoyed the water and the sun. I went for a hike with my grandfather, which was cool 🙂

Then we left. Hum, too early!


Oh, well.

Through the roadtrip:


A mini-apple. Simple&Yummy.

We got home by 4pm. We were starving!

I ordered at a cool restaurant, but their delivery service was nonexistent 😦

But it was so close, I picked it up 😀

Look at the size of this:


Believe me, this was huge.




Happy Tummy!

This was a slice of gorgonzola+spinach quiche. HEAVEN!

Plus a salad I made on my own 😉


And, to complete:


The rest of the Diet Matte Tea with Lemons!

I´m in heaven right now – not kidding.

Half-through the food:


Yummy, but enormous.

Amazing, right?

Have to go to church now.

My sister´s choir will present a christmas song!

How cute is that?!




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