You Don´t Have To Tell Me What To Eat

Ok, sorry about the title.

It´s for my mom. I really really hate when she screams at be about food. She thinks she can control every single thing a put in my mouth!

Ok, I´m 14. But I´ve grown up! She can´t control me like that! I would never skip a meal like that! She´s becoming obsessed with my health, and I´m pretty tired of all this drama. What´s her problem with me, anyway?!

Oh, God. All I can do is pray 🙂

Moving on to food now. I had the lunch my mom said I should have. Blew.


– 1 piece of grilled chicken

– 2 tbsp of rice

– ~5tbsp of black beans

– lettuce

– 1 slice of tomato

– spinkle of grated carrots

Yeah, I guess that´s it.

I hope I can make it to the cinema today.

What´s the name of that film with Richard Gere and the dog? I completely forgot.


See ya!




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