Well… Not completely 😉

But let´s start from the beggining. I decided today would be a productive one. Once I had an appointment at the nearest beauty salon at 8:30am (!), I settled my alarm clock to 7am. I woke up quickly. The first thing I did was turn on the computer (hehe). Then, I chose my clothes and gave myself a little blog-reading time.  By 7:30am or so, I took a shower (which made me finally 100% awake, haha). A little later, I remembered my appointment and ran to get some breakfast 😉

I realized I had only a few minutes, but as I didn´t want anything cold…


I stayed with the warm and comfy: sliced banana with 1 tbsp of rolled oats and 1/4 tbsp of rolled linseed.

By the way, I wanted to ask you guys something. Do you think my bananas are small?


I don´t know. I just have this odd felling that all the other bananas are bigger. Like in the USA – I only see GIANT bananas. Really (no pun intended).

Now, back to the title. As I was saying, I just got back from the beauty salon. Could finally get my nails did! They were already starting to look disgusting. Remeber the photos from my last trip??


Let´s forget about the past, shall we? 😉

Look at them now:


Much better, huh?


Foot nails. Classy.

Anyway: nails weren´t the only thing I was doing at the salon. I was supposed to get a hair treatment called “Smart Blow-Dry”. Technically speaking, this thing would actually make my hair have less volume.

But, guess what?! The moment the hair-stylist started applying the chemical product on my hair, I began to feel uncomfortable. In pain. Apparently, I have some kind of a tiny would somewhere in my scalp. Which, unfortunately, made the hair treatment impossible to me.

Oh, well. What can I do? I tried, at least.

I ended up doing just a hair-hydration. It felt good, it was quick, it was painless. Besides, my hair smells good 🙂

So, I´m happy. It wasn´t a complete fail, anyhow.

I guess I´ll just hang out with grandma at the mall this afternoon. Then, I´m headed to a friend´s house. Shall be fun 🙂




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