No, it´s not a real goodbye 😉

But it´s definetely an “see you soon”.

The thing is: tomorrow morning (9am) I´ll be traveling to São Paulo for New Year´s Eve. And then I´m spending a week there. Which means I´ll probably not be posting for a whole week :S

Sad, I know. But it´ll be hard to find a Windows Live Writer at the hotel. Or at my mom´s friend house. And you guys know how hard it is to blog directly from Ugly truth :/

Oh, well. What to say? I´ll miss you. I´ll miss blogging. But I promise that I´ll do an enormous recap when I come back! And that I won´t forget about picturing 🙂

Now, moving on from sadness to foodies. I went to the mall with my sister, her babysitter, her friend, my grandma and her friend. It went kinda well. Mostly because I had this little piece of heaven:



Frozen Yogurt. YUMMY!

I had a natural flavoured one with bananas, blueberries and pineapple as toppings. For a change!


Then, I was headed to Dani´s house. It was AWESOME! We had SO much fun. Her friend, Bia, is the funniest.

But anyway. We went out to dinner with her parents, her grandma and grandpa, and her sister. They chose “Bráz” – where pizza is the speciality. Hum… not my thing :/

But it was fun. Her relatives are awesome. I was pretty happy to order:


“Artesanal Salad” – cherry tomatoes, Buffalo Mozarella cheese, and basically some greens 🙂

It was good!

I threw some of the “special sauce” too… Don´t know what it´s made of, though.




I had one of those Iced Teas during the meal. Except it a peach-flavoured one. This is an old pic, from Pizza Hut 😉

I ate about 3/4 of it. Look at my plate, at the end:


Oh, well.

But I know Mom is gonna say I should have yogurt+granola, so I´ll probably have some later.

Anyway… See ya soon!

I´ll maybe even post a quick post, just to talk about my night-snack. Hehe. 😉




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