Party Going On Today

Hey, peeps!

Can you tell the rhyme between the title of this post and “Party In The USA”?

Hahahaha, lol.

Today is my Mom´s birthday, and she´s throwing a party at a local nightclub. She´s SO not 40! Me and my sister just got back from the saloon. We got our nails did!

Look at mine:

DSC01418 DSC01417

Pretty In Pink! PIP!


So, I forgot telling you: I´m at my Mom´s house. YAY!!

I´m so relieved I´m here again. I mean.. this is my place. Not chez papa.

Before leaving, though, I had lunch. By 3:30pm, I had:


1 slice of spinach+corn+carrot pie, cooked vegetables (chayote, beets, carrots), few slices of turkey breast, ~5 tbsp of rice, 1 scoop of black beansm 1 tbsp of mashed eggplant.


I left a bit, but I managed to eat the greatest part.



Well, we´re having a snack before the party. Hehe.




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