Eating Full-Time Job

Hey, y´all!

So, sorry for taking so long to update. I had too much to say!

Anyway, let´s just start with the meals.

Yesterday night, I wasn´t able to eat anything until about midnight. My tummy was still full!

I wanted to eat something cold, because it was SO FREAKING HOT. I was sweating like a pig, literally.

But, at the same time, I knew I had to eat dinner. So I fought against my will and had:


Pretty much the same thing as lunch. But looking better 😉

This was:


1 slice of turkey breast pie


4 pieces of cooked pumpkin, 2 slice of cooked cassava, 1 slice of cooked chayote, 2 slices of cooked carrot


3 pieces of cooked sweet potato.

YUMMY, huh?

Accompanied by the not-so-cold Diet Matte Tea:



Now, today´s breakfast. I woke up by 9am, and had my meal around 10am.


1 container of plain yogurt with 1 Nature Valley Honey&Oats granola bar.



Course #1


Course #2.

It was… OK. I was really HOT, and I just felt this wasn´t cold enough. Oh, well.

Before meeting my Mom, my Dad said I should eat something. So I had a “2nd Breakfast”:


1 sliced banana with 1 tsbp of rolled oats. As usual.

We went out to meet my Mom, and then we went to see Bruna´s drama class. Unfortunately, they were closed for vacation :S

So we had lunch over there.

Time for some healthy fast-food!

We all stopped at Bob´s. Lelê had half a dozen chicken fingers+french fries WITH a Ovomaltine Milkshake (she´s only FOUR!).

Bruna had a simple burguer with coke.

And, as for me…


I had a Turkey Breast Sandwich.


Made with whole wheat bread…


Tomatoes, lettuce, turkey breast, a couple of grated veggies and a weird sauce… That I tried to take out.

Mission almost 100% accomplished 🙂

And Diet Matte Tea. They had only Coke or Matte… Make your bets 😉

Now, I´m probably about to eat something.

EWWWW. I´m growing tired of all that “eating-full-time” job.


Just kidding. I won´t give up NY. Or Boston.

I simply can´t.

So… the Drugstore Talk will be told on the next post.


See ya soon!




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