Therapy Disaster

Hey, guys!

So, I´m back at my Dad´s house. Today was… tough.

I woke up by 12:40am. After noon! (Haha…)

By the time I woke up, I was already late for therapy. My Mom and my Dad thought it would be good for me to discover why can´t I eat and etcetera.

But let´s cover breakfast, first.

My first meal of the day consisted on plain yogurt+granola.

I tried again the half-and-half method:


Serving #1


Serving #2

Altogether, it meant 1 cup of plain yogurt and 1 serving of granola.

Anyway. After breakfast, we went to the therapy room. The therapist´s name was Sheila.

At first, we just talked. Just us two – my Mom was parking our car.

But then, when my Mom arrived…

They started (obviously) talking about more… “deep” stuff. I started getting uncomfortable. The last straw was when she said she would use a “Body Therapy” with me.

I freaked out.

You could say I´m prejudiced. But I don´t know what exactly happend. The next moment, I was crying and shaking. All I wanted was to get out of that place. I panicked.

Oh, well. Let´s just say I took a few minutes to calm down.

My Dad was so late for therapy, he only saw me sitted on the floor, with my head on my knees.

Fortunately, he only picked me up from the floor and made fun of me looking absently to the Kid´s Store next to me. My Mom said we should get something cold, so we stopped at the Fro-Yo store next door. They both had it, too! I was so proud 🙂


I had mine with banana, pineapple and blackberry as toppings.


Fro-Yo Love!

Mom and Dad choosed the Amarena Flavour. She topped hers with kiwi, blackberries and mango slices. He topped his with bananas, strawberries and kiwi. Fro-Yo Lover Family 🙂

This “snack” was made by 3pm. The name of the store?


YoForia! Cute!

Anyway. I went straight to Dad´s house with him, after that. It was kinda fun. This was one of the few times I felt safer with my Dad. I felt… happy to have him. I don´t know. I wish I could few this more often 🙂

Because of my late-snack, I only had lunch by 6pm. I wasn´t really hungry, but…


This is:

– 1 slice of cooked chayote

– 2 slices of cooked carrot

– 3 pieces of cooked sweet potato

– 1 piece of cooked cassava

– 1 tbsp of white rice

– 1 scoop of black beans

– 1 (big) slice of Turkey Breast Pie

Beautiful, huh?

As if I needed more protein, I had a side of:


– 1 scoop of black beans. Ha!

I even licked the plate.

Just kidding! Haha. But it was really yummy 😉

Oh, well. I think this is it, for now.

Have you guys had any therapy experiences? What was your first impression? Do you believe in therapy?

I am really interested on what you guys think. So, comment or e-mail me!

I´d love to hear from you!





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2 responses to “Therapy Disaster

  1. i definitely believe in therapy- getting healthy IS worth it! stay strong and stay committed. & i really appreciate your comments on my blog- it is really nice of you 🙂 and as far as thta sandwich- teh only reason i wouldnt eat that huge sub is because it is WAY too big..i could eat half of that though 🙂

  2. Ada

    Hey Garbiela! Thank you so much for stumbling upon my blog, your comments were so sweet! I'm super excited to have a reader from Brazil and it's really interesting to see what types of foods you eat there. Your fro-yo creation look absolutely amazing:)

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