Friday Morning

Hey, peeps!

It´s Friday, already! Time flies, huh?

Today, I woke up by 10:45am. But I have a good excuse: For the last few days, I´ve been sleeping with my Dad, in his bedroom. But, the thing is…



It may sound a little selfish, but it´s almost impossible to sleep with all the noise. I fell asleep by 3:30am or so. Grrr :/

Oh, well. What to do?

Now, moving to breakfast.

I tried something new!


I simply HAD to try it. 1 tbsp of plain non-fat yogurt with 1 teaspoon of mashed pumpkin.


I loved it.

But I couldn´t have it as breakfast. I had to try other new things 🙂

But, first, the usual.

1/2 container of plain non-fat yogurt with 1/2 a granola bar (Honey&Oats, duuh. Haha)


Then, the experiment : 1/2 container of plain yogurt + 1/2 a banana.


YUMMY! Loved it!


By the way, I wanted to know something. How long it takes for a banana to spoil, after it´s “opened”?

Random question, I know. Ha-ha.

Ok, then. I´m off 😉

Oh, and I wanted to give a special thanks to Katie, from Faith, Food and Fitness!

She´s been so sweet, commenting and sharing her experiences with me.

And she´s been in Brazil!

How cool is that?!


Thanks, Katie!





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2 responses to “Friday Morning

  1. ada

    I love all of your yogurt creations! Pumpkin yogurt is so delicious, I had that today too:)

  2. Yummy, huh?!
    Thanks for commenting!

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