Hey, guys!

I guess I´ve had a nice and productive day today 🙂

Right after I left you, I took a bath and had lunch. So, by 4pm, I ate:


– 1 tbsp of white rice

– 1 scoop of black beans

– 4 pieces of cooked sweet potato

– 2 tbsp of mashed pumpkin

– 1 piece of cooked cassava

– 3 pieces of cooked carrot

You may be wondering… Don´t I get tired of this kind of stuff? The same kind of food?

I reply… NO!

Hahahahaha. I love my Grandma´s food. Sorry if it´s too boring 😉

Now, right after lunch, I went out with Dad and his girlfriend.

She wanted to buy some stuff for her daughter´s birthday party (which will be tomorrow night) and I needed to get a paper with the doctor so I could look for a nutricionist.

And so I did.

We did all we had to do, and my Dad will call the nutricionist tomorrow 🙂

Oh, and I almost forgot…

While I was in the supermarket…

Look what I found!


A telephone-sized sweet potato!

Isn´t it cute?


I got back home by 10pm.

I planned on having a snack, but the moment I got home, I smelled vegetables… And I quickly discovered that Grandma was cooking lots of veggies. I had to have dinner. It was stronger than me 😉


This was:

– 1 piece of grilled chicken

– 2 tbso of mashed pumpkin

– 3 pieces of cooked sweet potato

– 2 pieces of cooked cassava

– 1 piece of cooked chayote

– 1 slice of cooked carrot

I know. I am boring.

Oh, well.

But I have good news!

I usually just season my veggies with salt. And, without noticing, I tend to exaggerate with my salt portions…

So, this time, I decided I wouldn´t use ANY seasonings or spices.

The veredict?

I loved it!

Now I realize that I don´t need big amounts of salt. I could use some, but don´t have to use it either.


Oh. And I have one more thing to say…

When I got home tonight, my Grandpa was in pain. Nobody knew what to do, he just kept groaning…

And then my grandma finally told me.

I knew Grandpa was sick. Since we got here, we saw how fragile he looked. And how many times he had to go to the doctor. How many medicines he was taking.

But today, I finally found out the whole truth.

My grandfather has prostate cancer. And the cancer is moving to his back, that´s why he feels this horrible pain everytime: he can´t find a comfortable position. He can´t remove it. All he can do is do a bunch of treatments.

I cried a lot tonight. I can´t even imagine my life without grandpa. He´s like the wisest person I know. The most generous, kind and intelligent man in the world.

I know he´s gonna be OK. I have faith 🙂

But I just wanted you to pray for him. I mean, if you´re a prayer-kind-of-person.

So… thank you for reading this, anyway.

And I would appreciate so much if you could pray for my grandpa.

His name is Osvaldo.


Now, I should go.

But thank you, anyway.





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2 responses to “Saltless

  1. i want to live with your in warm, beautiful brazil! 🙂

  2. I bet you´d love Rio de Janeiro 😉

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