Quality Time

Hey, you!

I just got back home. Quite a productive morning 🙂

I took care of Lelê while Mom and Lauter (my stepfather) were out, went to the stationery to buy school supplies for this year (I´m in high schoo now! How cool is that?!), had lunch at my stepfather´s ex-appartment (they have a pretty good restaurant in there) and played with Lelê on the playground for about an hour.

Pretty active morning/afternoon, right?

Lunch was eaten by 2:15pm. The restaurant is self-service – you chose what you want, then weight your plate. You pay only for what you´re eating. It´s pretty good, really 😉

I´ve had:


– 1 scoop of black-eyed peas

– ~3 tbsp of white rice

– 1 mini-piece of ricotta+spinach quiche

– 2 pieces of grilled fish with spinach sauce

– cooked pea mess

– ~2 tbsp of white cheese+tomato salad

– 1 slice of cheese pie

– ~2 tsbp of grated beets and carrots

I ate a bit of everything I liked 🙂

To drink:


Diet Matte Tea With Lemons. All they had, I swear 😉

Then, after lunch, Mom convinced me to have dessert. She said the restaurant made one of the bests fruit salads on the city. So we shared one:


I just don´t like the “juicy” liquid on it. But I was so glad they didn´t use strawberries that I didn´t care – I just left it the liquid part, in the end. Hehe.

I tasted: pineapple, banana, apple, mango and cantaloupe. Pretty healthy, huh?

Anyway. I just keep thinking about my trip. I hope I can gain the 6 pounds left. I HAVE to!

Oh, well. Wish me luck, you guys 🙂




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