Snack-y Dinner

As we only got home by 7pm, and all we had in the house were snack-alike, we decided we would have a Snack-y Dinner.

When Mom and Lelê got back from church, by 9pm, they decided it was time to eat. It took a while to get everybody at the dinner table, but by 10pm or so we were all having dinner together.

I had:


One slice of 7-Grain Bread with 3 thin (melted) slices of white cheese


1/2 a container of plain yogurt+ 1/2 a granola bar (Honey&Oats)+ 1/2 a banana


I´m so happy 😀

And, by midnight, I had an apple. To close the night:


To be honest, this is an old photo. I accidently deleted the one I took from my PC :/

Oh, well.

I better get going.

Tomorrow, I´ll have to:

– Buy all the books and stuff I´ll need for school this year

– Start packing for Boston/NY

Wish me luck! I´m still on the challenge!




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  1. sounds like you are doing great! enjoy packing for your trip! i hope you pack some warm stuff for boston, its been so cold up here..

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