9pm Dinner

So, yeah. I was supposed to have dinner at 9pm.

But first, I should´ve had:

9am- Breakfast

11am- Morning Snack

12:30am – Lunch

3pm- Snack #1

5pm – Snack #2

9pm – Dinner

Oh, yeah. I did it all wrong, today :/

But let´s just think in the bright side. I´ve really had dinner at 9pm. Score!

Following my meal plan, but adapting:


4 tbsp of spaghetti (the red thing must be tomato sauce)+ 3 tbsp of black beans…


1 tbsp of mashed pumpkin…


And ~2 thin slices of Turkey Breast+ cooked vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, carrot).

Which equals:


An amazing meal 🙂

Huuuum, I forgot how much I loved this pasta+beans combo. Why they don´t put it in restaurants? It´s so freakin´good… 😀

Hum, you must be wondering where´s snack #2.

Well, I talked to my father and he said that, if I´m awake by midnight or something, I should have snack #2. And, if I don´t, no probs. Tomorrow´s the real day 1. The real start 🙂

Ok, then.

See you guys later!

(Or tomorrow…)





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2 responses to “9pm Dinner

  1. I've never tried beans and pasta…looks pretty good though!

  2. It´s AMAZING, hahah 🙂

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