On time

Hey, y´all!

You must be wondering what´s the title about. Hehe. Not so self-explanative, huh?

The thing is: today, my Dad chose to be on time. Only he picked the wrong night. He´s always late. He´s known for beeing always late for every single event on the family. And today, when he arrived on time, I wish he hadn´t.

We were all dressed up to Laura´s birthday dinner, at Botequim restaurant. We were expecting him to be late. Then, he showed up. Like magic. Bad, cheap magic :/

Which means only my sister, Bruna, was be able to go to the party. I had to go back to Dad´s house. I wonder why we´re never at the same place! We used to do everything together (against our will, of course). Now, we barely speak to each other. It´s so weird. And now that she´ll be living with Dad, and starting on a new school… I don´t know. It feels awkward.

But back to the facts. I had to leave with Dad. But it was 8pm already, and I was starting to get hungry. So I grabbed a snackie on-the-go:


An apple. I don´t know if it was the hunger, but it tasted like heaven.

When we arrived at Dad´s, I decided to have dinner. I knew the apple would hold me over for about 2 1/2 hours, but I decided not to wait so I could sleep well 🙂

By 10pm or so, I´ve had:


3 thin slices of Turkey Breast+3 thin slices of Ricotta Sandwich


2 slices of cooked cassava on the side


Yuminess on 7-Grain Bread


My meal


I tried a bite with Low-Sodium Soy Sauce (~1tsbp)


Obviously, I had to try two different sauces 😉

But I ate the most of it without any dressings. SO YUMMY BY ITSELF!


~1 tbsp of mustard

Yep. My dinner rocked 😉

Gotta go. I have an appointment with a nutricionist tomorrow, at 2pm. Her name´s Dr. Vanessa.

You guys gotta keep wishing me luck, hehe.

It´ll be such much easier to gain weight healthily with a meal plan!

I hope she´s nice.

Good Night!





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2 responses to “On time

  1. That dinner looks awesome. Good luck at the nutritionist tomorrow!! Hopefully you get some good advice and yummy food ideas 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jamie!
    It went so well 😉

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