Smoothie Experience

So, today´s the day to experiment my meal plan. From tomorrow on, I´ll be following it religiously. As I had lunch today by 3pm, I wasn´t able to have my first snack at 3pm (dããh!).

But I knew snack #1 was 3 hours away from lunch. So, at about 6pm, I´ve tried for a BANANA+OATS SMOOTHIE!

First, I poured some non-fat milk: 150ml/ a full glass,


Grabbed a banana,


Sliced half of it,


And took 1 tbsp of rolled oats.


Then, I threw it all on my Grandma´s Blender… And pressed ON!


Ok, well… I admit I didn´t know when to stop 😉

So I simply followed my instincts and turned it off while a few banana chunks were still in there.


For the grand finale, I poured the mix on a cute glass…


And tried it!


YUUM… I think I kinda liked it 😉

I mean, everything´s better with banana chunks. So it was fine 🙂


I´m glad I liked it. Following my meal plan feels good.


I guess I´ll see you guys for snack #2 and dinner.

The ultimate food experience, haha.

See y´all!





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2 responses to “Smoothie Experience

  1. I love smoothies! I always add cocoa powder and a little honey to my banana ones to make it chocolatey and sweet. Yum!

  2. Good tip!
    Can´t wait to try this recipe… 😀

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