Morning Snack

Didn´t I tell you I would follow my meal plan religiously?

That´s what I´m doing 😉

As I had breakfast by 9:30am or so (30min later then what I planned, no big deal), I moved my “morning snack time” to 11:30am. But I wasn´t really looking at the clock, so morning snack was only eaten by 11:50am. Oopsie.

But, again, no big deal. I´m eating what I need to, that´s what matters.

Anyway. By 11:50am, then, I´ve had:


1/2 container of non-fat plain yogurt+ 1/2 crumbled Honey&Oats granola bar+ 1 teaspoon of honey


In a cute bowl, with a cute spoon 😉

But I have something to share. I admit I was a bit scared today. The moment I realized it was already 11:50am, I noticed my tummy wasn´t full anymore. He was definetly ready for a morning snack.

I mean, WTH? I had a big breakfast, and then, 2 hours later, I´m up to a morning snack? Just like that?!

I know this is actually a good thing. My body´s accepting the food. But I didn´t expect him to accept that so soon! I mean… ok. I have to say this: I´ve been a really chubby girl. I was always up for a snack. And I don´t want to be like that anymore. I´m a bit scared of getting used to these frequent snacks, there are actually there to make me gain weight…

Oh, well. I just need to get over it. Once I´ve gained some weight, I´m sure I´ll be able to have as many meals as I want per day, and less snacks. Less food. Oh, God. I can´t wait.

Ok now, I should stop. I´m recovering. I just need to shup it this STUPID Gertrude. Otherwise, I won´t be able to get over this ED. And I´m sure I will.


Thanks for reading guys. And thank you, Gabs, for the sweet words!

See you bloggies for lunch!





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2 responses to “Morning Snack

  1. YUP!!! thats the joy of eating! i think you will feel better about eating more as you go along with the meal plan. 🙂
    its amazing how my appetite increases when I start eating a little bit more..

  2. Ooh, thanks, Amy!
    I hope you´re right 😉

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