Movies Time

Hey, y´all!

Today I went to the movies with Dad and Bruna!

How cool is that?! The last time he went to the cinema was years ago. Seriously.

It was so cool to do something with him! It´s been weeks since I´m at his house, but I´ve been staying in a lot lately. We don´t do anything. I pretty much just watched TV, surfed on the internet… and ate. Hehe.

We saw “Sherlock Holmes”. Such an interesting movie – I´m almost glad I´ve agreed to see it again. So many details I´ve missed 😉

The movie ended by 8pm, and my tummy was already asking for food. He hadn´t been fed for at least 6 hours! It´s a long time.

So, right after the movie, Dad suggested me to grab a Fro-Yo. And, you guys know, Fro-Yo´s are my weakness 😉

But I was just too hungry. And it was raining outside, I was cold because of the theater´s air-conditioner…

Which made me ask my Dad if I could have a sandwich. He smiled in response 😀

We went to Subway. I chose a 6” Turkey Breast Sub on Whole Wheat Bread, with lettuce, cucumber, swiss cheese and honey mustard sauce. With an Light Iced Tea:



I just wish they had regular mustard, like in São Paulo. Honey Mustard´s just… too sweet for me. Haha.

Anyway, I was glad my Dad was happy. I think the last time he saw me eating a “real” sandwich was… a long time ago. Hehe. Oopsie.

I feel like I´m one step closer to traveling. Exciting, huh?


I really don´t know if there´s gonna be any more food in my tummy tonight. But maybe a fruit of something like that…? Who knows, haha.

I´ll keep you updated. Pinky promise!


See y´all soon!





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2 responses to “Movies Time

  1. Your sammie looks delish! I used to go there multiple times a week last year…I kind of got sick of it! But I haven't been in awhile now and now I'm kind of craving it. Way to go girl!

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