The Time Is Here

I think it´s official!

I´m at Mom´s house again. Dad left a few hours ago – after a big long chat with Mom! And, before he left, he asked me to send the details of the trip by e-mail and said he´d sign the document required for me to travel tomorrow.

Which means that, in two days, I´ll be at Boston, MA.


Hahahahaha, sorry. I´m excited 😀

When we arrived at Mom´s house today, she had ordered pizza and calzones. She ordered my favourite: white cheese&turkey breast. Best Mom ever 🙂


Look at the size of this baby!


My (fair) share



This. Was. Amazing!

Right after dinner, I grabbed the last apple of the package. I thought it would be safe to eat it…


Looks pretty harmless, huh?

But I was wrong. I don´t know exactly why, but… The apple was green.



I had to throw it away. It tasted like… spolied apple. Eww.

Haha, sorry. But I had never seen a apple whose color is green on this inside. Pretty strange.


Probably not the ripest :/

Oh, well. I´ve had a great night, though.


Ok, then. I better get going.

I´ll probably watch Avatar 3D tomorrow 😉





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4 responses to “The Time Is Here

  1. Congrats on being able to travel! That's so exciting! This is the third blog I've seem calzones on in the past 2 days…makes me want one!

  2. hey congrats!!!! you'll be in my neighborhood! lol have fun girl!

    i knew you could do it!

  3. what an odd apple!! i love calzones, yours is os perfectly shaped too! have a great day hun!

    – stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

  4. Thank you, guys! You´re the BEST!
    (P.S.: Calzones are AWESOME. The ones with bigger crust are AMAZING. Seriously, haha)

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