January 30th – Day 4 (NYC)

Hey, guys!

So, I´m back in Brazil right now. I arrived by 2pm this afternoon. This was simply THE BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE!

But let´s go back a little bit. My last post was made at Boston, on January 29th.

On January 30th, which was last Saturday, I woke up kind of early. We needed to get things ready to catch the train to NYC!

After taking a shower and beggining to organizate our stuff, we went out for breakfast at Starbucks! Where else? Haha.

There, I tried a real oatmeal for the first time!

I mean, perfect oatmeal… 😉


It was good!

I added half of the container of nuts as topping…



But I wanted a new flavour. So I stole a bit of my Mom´s granola (from her Yogurt Parfait) and threw it in my oatmeal. Which became an oat-mess!


A well-behaved oatmess. Hehe.

With the oatmeal, I had a tall Skinny Vanilla Latte. God, those things are addictive 😉

After breakfast, we checked out from our (magnificent!) hotel and went to the train station. There, we discovered that our train would only depart by noon – which gave us a couple of hours to walk around with our luggage 🙂


Sunny day


Around the block 😉

Then, when it was almost noon, we came back to the Back Bay Station. We were happy to go to NYC, but sad to leave Boston!


Saying goodbye…


Or coughing goodbye. Hahaha.


Waiting for the train


There he is!




View from our window


Stopping at New Haven…






My meal: a Veggie Burguer and a Vitamin Water (Lemonade Flavoured)


It was good, but I added some mustard at the end 😉


Oops, it´s not a Veggie Burguer. It´s a Vegan Gardenburguer. Sorry!

We arrived at NYC by 2:40pm. It was a great trip! Mom even slept for a while. Trains are much more comfortable then planes 😉


Penn Station!


I couldn´t wait to go outside!

We stayed at Sheraton Manhattan. It was about 20 blocks away from Penn Station! I couldn´t belive it. But we walked the whole way with our luggage. We´re tough!

Me and Mom checked in and left our baggage at about 4:30pm. Our room was AH-MAZING!


Two king-size beds for two women! Paradise *-*


Our view from the 7th Avenue

After taking over the room, the first thing we did was walking to my cousin´s hotel. Belive it or not, it was in front of Penn Station! Gosh, that was a long walk. At least we didn´t have any more bags to carry. There, we left a note for them – they were out. We would try to meet them for dinner. While we waited, Mom suggested us to go to Empire State Building. Why not, right?!

On our way, Mom stopped for some coffee. I joined her:


My small non-fat latte…


With a LUNA BAR! How cool is that?!


Altogether = Afternoon Snack


It was probably the first “chocolate bar” I ate in a long time! And I totally loved it – the nutty flavour plus the chocolatiness… YUM!

After that, we went straight ahead to Empire State Building. I was really excited!


Coffee on hands!


Beeing welcomed in several different languages… including portuguese!


The view from the 86th floor!


It was so pretty, I wanted to cry. Of hapiness, of course!


Taking photos from inside… since outside was COOLD!


Outside for a couple of minutes while trying to use this things… I totally wasted 50 cents. I simply couldn´t make them work!


Brrrr…. Wind-y!


Much more warmer, at the Empire State store – almost bought this t-shirt!


“Someone who loves me says I´m the big apple of their eye” 🙂

After taking a good look around, taking pictures, buying pictures, staring at NYC´s lights and almost buying some over-priced souvenirs on the E.S. shop, we decided to go to Carmine´s – the restaurant that my Aunt had settled with us. Luckily, we ended up finding them! Mom and I decided to order a salad while we waited at the bar for our table. It was so cool to see them there!

Our table got ready as soon as the salad had arrived. So we took it upstairs with us 😉

First course:


Salad with lettuce, olives and peppers (maybe other kinds of leaves, too. I´m not  sure)

Second course:


Cheese ravioli with tomato sauce. Yummy!


Everyone (but me, as I´m the one taking the picture)


Me and my two cousins – Marina and Pedro Paulo (which, translated, would became Peter Paul)

We all had a great time. A couple of my Aunt´s friends dinned with us, as well. They both lived in NYC, so they gave us many tips 🙂

When we got back at our hotel, we were more then ready to sleep. But, saying that I hadn´t eaten enough, Mom made me eat a package of Oat N´Honey granole (which equalls two bars). But I wasn´t in the mood for fighting, so I ate it without (much) complaining 😉


The american ones, this time 😀

So, that was our day. I´ll continue my recap tomorrow! I promise 😀

Thank you all for reading!

XOXO from a warmer place,



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