January 31th – NYC

Hey, guys!

So, let me recap it from where I stopped… last Sunday!

Me and Mom woke up by 9am. It took us a while to shower and get ready, but we had a not-so-late breakfast at a cute café next to the hotel she stayed last November – Café Metro.


A yummy tuna sandwich on pita bread, with non-fat mayo. YUUUM 😉


Plus a non-fat Latte. Mom didn´t say the size she wanted, so I´m guessing that´s medium size… I kinda finished it all, though. Hehe.

Then, we were headed to a walk on NYC´s streets. We were first planning on visiting MoMa with my cousins, but they gave up and decided to go to the Top Of The Rock and to Central Park´s ice rink. Me and Mom then decided to look around and shop for a bit, and then meet them at Central Park. We couldn´t miss the opportunity! I mean…Ice-skating on Central Park! How freaking cool is that?!

We stopped for lunch on our way to Central Park at a cute restaurant. We wanted to try the “Soup+Sandwich” combo, but we forgot it was Sunday! 😛

I ended up ordering a Chicken Salad Wrap – the most amazing one I´ve ever had!


With a pickle/cucumber on the side. Loved it, anyway 😉

When we finally arrived there, I started dancing. Like a crazy girl. I guess it was my way to show off all the hapiness I was feeling 😉


This. Is. Amazing!

Me and Mom got there earlier – no sign of Aunt Carolina or my cousins! But we decided to get in. We would probably end up meeting them anytime. Which we did 😉


Ready to go 🙂


Mom is an expert!


Me? Not so much :/


Uncle Paul, my cousin Peter Paul and Aunt Carolina


Me and my cousin Marina. Can you notice I was almost falling? Cause I totally was 😛

We had to leave them early, because Mom had plans for dinner with a couple of friends. His name was Bijoy – an indian guy who teaches Yoga, just like Mom. He and his wife, Angelica, were so cute. They took us to dinner at a chinese place somewhere near Chinatown, and then to have dessert at Little Italy. So kind 🙂


Us and them

It was so nice of them to take us out for dinner – but, let me tell you, the menu was a bit scary. They served live shrimp and all kinds of weird stuff – I could not see anything normal to eat. I ended up ordering sautéed vegetables – you can´t go wrong with that, right?!

In the end, we ordered all kinds of different dishes and had a bit of each.


A japanese/chinese vegetable – don´t even ask 😉


Sautéed veggies


Plus two big chunks of baked tofu


I had one of those, too – yep, I have no idea of what they are. But I know it´s not fried and it was veggies on the inside. Yum.


They served this as dessert. At first, I was amazed – black beans for dessert? YUM! But then, I realized it was made mostly of orange, which gave it a sweet and EWW taste. Argh.

It was a pretty cool experience, though. The waitress was so nice – we even discussed the fact that Bijoy was a vegetarian. She had pretty strong opinions on this subject 😉

For dessert, they chose two different dishes – which they shared between them three. I ordered a latte – I was cold!


Cute mug, huh?

We were exhausted when we got back to the hotel. I slept like a baby 😉

That was my day.

Oh, and one more thing – I guess I´ll have to a slow recap. Which mean that, from now on, I´ll be back to my everyday posting – and, now or then, I´ll post recaps from my trip. The thing is – school begins tomorrow, meaning less time for hobbies like blogging!

But I promise I´ll keep posting, guys. I´d go insane if I stopped. Hehe.

Good night!




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