February 1st

Hey, bloggies!

So, this was what happend on February 1st… While I was in NYC!

Breakfast was eaten on our way. We woke up late!


Spinach and Swiss Cheese Omelet – YUUMY!


Plus, of course, a small non-fat Café Au Lait. Hot 🙂

See, we were planning to go to Metropolitan Museum. But we didn´t know it was closed on Mondays! But we managed to take a few photos on the outside before leaving.


Having fun with the sun 🙂

We couldn´t just go back to our hotel – it took us almost 40 minutes to get there, by foot! So, what to do?

We decided to grab our NYC guide. Which helped – a lot. We didn´t know the Natural History Museum was so close! Then, we checked (if it was opened on Mondays) and turned around – on our way to the American Museum of Natural History 🙂


Look what we found on our way – freezed!



I was so excited to be there!


On the inside – without flash!






We took a billion photos while in there – everything was so cool and interesting! I was psyched!


Waiting to see “Jorney to The Stars” – narrated by Whoopi Goldberg!



Then, we took a break for lunch – they had such a cute cafeteria!


I ended up choosing to eat at the salad bar – everything looked so good!


My plate had:

– chicken

– carrots

– broccoli

– corn

– cauliflower

– soy beans

– cucumber

And probably something else that I don´t really remember right now 😉

After lunch, we spent some more time at the museum. It was so cool!


We were sad when it was time to leave! 😦

I totally wanna got there again. Soon 😉

On our way back, we stopped at Strawberry Fields. We weren´t planning on visiting John Lennon´s memorial, but since we were there… We snapped a photo!


Cool 🙂

We weren´t sure of what should we do for the rest of the day – then, we decided to watch a Brodway Show that was going on a few steps from our hotel – Mamma Mia!

They show would start at 8pm, but we still managed to do some pre-show shopping at Toys R´Us.


The coolest store I´ve ever been to! I felt like a kid, once again!

Me and Mom got to the theater at about 7:40pm – it was already crowded!



Between the two acts, I ate almost an entire container of granola bars. Peanut Butter flavoured – AWESOME!


The best my cellphone camera could do :/

After the show, we were headed to dinner at an awesome restaurant – all of the waiters were trying to get parts on Broadway shows, so they all sang!


Our waitress – rocking a slow song 😉

I ordered a sandwich called “Mamma Mia!” 😉


Which ended up beeing not a such cool option – I didn´t know it had fried chicken in it! I had to take (almost) all the fried chicken to eat it. The rest was awesome – melted mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. Pickles on the side 😉

It ended up beeing a cool night. I had never been in such a restaurant where the waiters and waitresses sang. And they sang well!


We got late at our hotel – ready to sleep 🙂

I hope you´re enjoying the recap!

See you guys later for today´s post 😉





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3 responses to “February 1st

  1. Ohhh I've been to that diner before! I forget what it's called, but I went there after seeing Mama Mia, too!

  2. Seriously?! WOW! What did you order there?

  3. awesome recap of NY!!!! i love the sandwich.. too funny!!

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