The Day After The Big Day

Hey, guys!

So, today was a little bit tiring for me. But I guess that´s ok – it´s Humpday! Only 2 more days and the weekend´s here! YAY 🙂

Oh, and I have a plus: I have the next week FREE, thanks to Carnival! NO CLASSES FOR A WHOLE WEEK!

I´m so thankful 😀

Well, anyway. Yesterday, by 6pm, my little cousin came by to sing “Happy Birthday” to me and to eat chocolate cake. Hahaha, kids 😉

It was OK. Expect for the fact I wasn´t able to blow the candles – all 3 kids in the house were fighting for the chance to do it! Well, I wasn´t getting in their way, anyway 😉


Birthday girl.. A bit camera-shy 😉


My little sister, when my cousin blew all the candles. One more time: kids!


Cutting the cake for my audience. Thanks, everybody… Hahaha.

Then, we were headed to a bar/restaurant to meet the rest of the family. Mom organized a b-day dinner for me 🙂




Making 15 wishes… hahahaha, it took me a few moments!


Blowing the candle! Finnaly 😉


Me and Dad 🙂


Me and Uncle Leo 🙂

I was definetely a happy girl. Through the celebration, I´ve had:


About half of this plate: salad with spinach quiche. YUM!


And about two of those – Diet Matte Tea. They changed their layout 😉

Anyway – as you can see, I´ve had a quite nice b-day. Plus, I feel more celebrations to come. Hahahaha. You don´t expect me to celebrate my 15th bithday only once, do ya? 😉

Today was pretty much like yesteday and the day before – I woke up by 5:15am (only, this time, I pressed the “snooze” button until 5:30am. Hehe.), then got dressed, then had breakfast. I wanted a yogurt mess, but then I realized we were outta yogurt =P

Oh, well. What to do? I´ve had a pretty yummy breakfast, though.



A banana and 1 tbsp of PB. I was on the run :/

Then, by 10:30am, I´ve had a mini apple through my school break.


I´ve had lunch between classes – and I actually found an amazing place to have lunches over the week! It´s called Mr. Ali – they sell only whole foods! AH-MAZING 😀


A bit messy, haha. But underneath it all, there were olives, lettuce, grated carrots and beets, slices turkey blanquet and soy. Mustard as sauce. Spicy, but YUMMY!

I got back home by 6:30pm. I spent some time doing blog-reading, then homework, then studying… And I´m already late for sleeping now, actually. Hehe. No time to waste!

I had dinner by 8:20pm. My plate:


I´ve had a small (and destructed) piece of chicken pie, lettuce, tomatoes and grated carrots. Yuuummy 🙂

Well, I made it through. Right?

Now, I have to sleep. Only two more days!

Oh, and by the way – thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Seriously 🙂

Brazilian XOXO´s,




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3 responses to “The Day After The Big Day

  1. You look beautiful at all your birthday festivities! That spinach quiche looks really good, and so does the cake! Glad to hear your had fun 🙂

  2. Hey girlie!! I agree you look beautiful as always. Birthdays are so much fun andd I'm so glad you were able to enjoy yours!! Happy belated my love!!


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