And the birthday celebration continues…

Hey, y´all!

I´m sorry if I bored you with my recap from NY… But, trust me: it was the best trip ever! 😀

Today was, in a way, easier. I woke up around 5:40am, which was amazing 🙂

I had no idea of what did I want for breakfast. But I was a bit late, so I quickly thought about trying toast+PB. If they taste awesome on buns… They must taste great on toast!

So I “toasted” myself two slices of whole wheat toast:


(Oh, and by the way, this toats are made with whole wheat flour and CARROTS! Plus, they´re 35kcal each. Vitamins!)


Then, I got 1/2 tbsp of Jif´s PB to spread in one slice…




And 1/2 tbsp to the other one.


Oh, and just a bit more… Hahaha.

Snack at school break was the usual.


This was the first time I´ve had lunch at home since school got started! I kinda missed home food, hehe. Today´s plate was AH-MAZING:


1 slice of chicken pie, tomatoes, steamed cauliflower, 1 tbsp of white rice and 3 tbsp of black beans. YUMINESS!

I ended up not having an afternoon snack – me and Mom met my Godmother by 8:30pm.By 8pm, though, we had already sit and ordered. We were HANGRY! 😉

Mom and I pretty much ordered the same thing – quiche and salad!


I had a Spinach Quiche with an amazing salad – it had lettuce, grated carrots and beets, heart-of-palms, mini-slices of white cheese and olives. YUUUUM. Favourite dish 😀

Then, we were headed to Yoggi – a Fro-Yo store! So me 🙂


I grabbed a small Tart Fro-Yo with blueberries, bananas and pineapple. Definetely a winning combo!

Right after dinner/dessert, me, my Mom and my Godmother saw a play called “A História de Nós 2” (probably Our Story, if translated). I had a great time 🙂

It wasn´t really the kind of play I´m used to watch – this one was a comedy about different stages of marriage, on both points of view (wife/husband). It had a few dirty jokes, too. Mom and Fatima (my Godmother) laughed hard all the time, and it was almost too funny to see them laughing their hearts out 😀

It was amazing. A great way to celebrate my b-day with her. Oh, and she gave me the sweetest gift! An “Uncle K”´s bag! Loved it 🙂

I fell asleep around midnight – which made me want to hit the “snooze” button a couple of times today 😉

I managed to wake up around 5:40am, though. I quickly did everything I had to do and went to the kitchen to have breakfast.





I knew this combo wouldn´t disappoint me! I´m simply addicted to apples and PB. Hehe.


As I was reading blogs through my iTouch while eating (ooopsie), I ended up not using the whole tbsp as an apple-dip. Can you guess what I did with the rest???

Hahahahaha, I´m addicted. I admit – I love peanut butter. Period.


At school break (around 10:30am) I´ve had one of my Oats N´Honey granola bars. I gave the other one to a hungry friend 🙂


Did ya know I now have a collection of bars?!

Check this out:


And there´s a lot more on the bottom. Hehe.

Thanks to God, my classes ended at 30 past noon today. And Mom came to pick me up! She´s the best 🙂

We had lunch together at a restaurant inside PUC (the university where she teaches Yoga), called NaMedida.



I´ve had quinoa+zucchini+eggplant salad, caprese salad (tomatoes, white cheese and argula) and a whole-wheat Spinach Quiche.

If I ever get sick of spinach quiche?



Hahahahaha. I think that´s officially my favourite dish to order when I´m eating out. Oh, well 😉

With the meal, a Diet Matte Tea. I was thristy!


After lunch, I´ve spent some quality time with Mom. We stopped to do some things we had to (a list would´ve been really usefull. Hehe.), then we were headed to an english course near my house. Mom wanted me to have real classes, so I could get a certificate at some point. It was so cool!

The owner of the course was an old and super cute lady. We chatted for a little bit, and she said she loved the fact that I had fluency. YAY 🙂

Mom was proud – the lady said I would be studying there for 2 years, tops. Because, according to her, I would already be able to do a FCE/CAE this year, and maybe try CPE later on. FUN!

This is very important for me, because besides loving english, I´ve always wanted to study abroad. And everyone knows how hard it is to do it without speaking fluently. And without a real certificate!

Anyway – you can definetely say I was a happy girl in the end.


Around 6:20pm, then, I´ve had a mini-apple.


While reading blogs 🙂

Right now, I´m waiting for my Mom and my Stepfather to get home. We´re having dinner together – as a family! Lelê is included, obviously 😉

I´m so excited that weekend´s here! And, for all brazilians, this means a whole week free! I love Carnival 🙂

Well, I guess that´s all for now.

See you guys later!





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3 responses to “And the birthday celebration continues…

  1. The quinoa + spinach quiche + caprese salad meal looks amazing! I can see why spinach quiche is your favorite thing to order- yum! So glad you enjoyed apples and PB 🙂

  2. I know, right?! YUUMINESS 😉
    And apples+PB are definetely a winning combo! Thanks for giving me this amazing idea 🙂

  3. i think you're english is GREAT already! good for you for going to school for it as well! that is awesome : )

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