February 2nd – NYC Recap

Hey, cuties!

So, February 2nd was my 3rd day in NYC!

And, believe me, it was a very special day 😉

It all began with an exciting new breakfast… Cereal + Greek Yogurt!


I had never tried those before! And I absolutely LOVED them 😀


Altogether… YUUUM. Great yogurt mess 😉

Then, me and Mom were headed to the Statue of Liberty!

We just stopped for a short non-fat Capuccino while deciding which way to go –


Then, we took the Subway –


Then, we had a pretty hard time figuring out where to go 😉


But we succeded on taking the last Ferry to the Statue of Liberty! YAY 😉


It was so COLD!


We had a great time 🙂


(Mom´s photo skills. Haha.)


Such a cute baby! OOOWN! I fell in love 😉


Drinking the “Water of Liberty”. I felt so free! 😉

We had lunch around there.


Veggie Wrap. Yuminess!

Some mustart might have been added a little later. Hehe.

After lots of pictures and souvenirs, we came back to South Ferry Station. We wanted to go to Pier 17, but it was already a bit late. Besides, I couldn´t be late for my BLOG MEET-UP with Gabriela from Une Vie Saine. I couldn´t wait to meet her personally!

Me and Mom had some trouble on finding how to get there – Gabriela had made us reservations at Blue Water Grill, at Union Square. We got there a bit early, so Mom ended up entering Puma store – which costed us lots of minutes. I was already about 5 minutes late when I went to the restaurant doors – and found Gabs right away!

She was so sweet! Infortunately, after introducing ourselves and this kind of stuff, she told me they had lost our reservation :/

But it wasn´t a big deal! She took me to a place I´ve ALWAYS wanted to visit – Whole Foods Market!


It was SO fun. Beeing at Whole Foods was already overwhealming – choosing from their salad bar was even more difficult! Haha.

I ended up trying a bunch of new stuff. My “plate”:


Believe me – there´s a lot of stuff underneath the greens 😉

A had tons of different foods – incluind tempeh (which I tried for the first time and LOVED), tofu (delicious!), quinoa salad, tons of different grains…

I had a BLAST!

Then, even though it started to snow for a bit (YAAAAAAY!), Gabs said we should go grab a dessert at the nearest Fro-Yo store – Pinkberry!


I was a happy girl. We chatted about all kinds of things… I felt like she was like the big sister I´ve never had. She´s the most honest person I´ve ever met 🙂

I had a small plain Fro-Yo with pineapples, blueberries and cap n´crunch as toppings:



Oh, and there´s more! She gave me a PB jar! I was amazed *-*


Cutest thing ever!

At the end, we asked for someone sitted next to us to take a picture of us two. Blog Meet-Up between Gabrielas!


(I had to steal this one from her blog. I had no pics of us! Which is sad.)

Anyway, I had an amazing night. You know, when you feel you actually found someone who really understands you? (You, you, YOU! Hehe.)

But seriously. That´s what I felt. She understood what was going through, and gave me the best advices. I already love her 🙂

It was a pleasure to meet you, Gabs! I can´t wait for us to meet again, someday!


See you guys later!





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3 responses to “February 2nd – NYC Recap

  1. aw, gabriela squared! the two of you are so cute. i think you lucked out by losing your reservation actually, whole foods is something EVERYONE should experience :). if you like greek yogurt you can always make it at home! so easy!

  2. Aww I loved meeting you too! WF was definitely better than the other place 🙂

  3. so jealous of the bloggie meet up!!! i could have loved to go! lol

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