It´s Friday

Hey, people!

I guess this is it. Work week is over!

And, unfortunately, this means Carnival is over, too. Starting Monday, my classes will be non-stop until July. Oh, gosh. I already miss vacation… 😦

Hahaha. Oh, well. You gotta do what you gotta do. 2010 has officially got started, y´all! 😉

Anyway. Breakfast was around the same time. Simple, yet pretty good:


2/3 a container of non-fat plain yogurt with 1 crumbled Oat n´Honey granola bar.


Definetely YUM!


I love yogurt. Hehe.

After breakfast, I got my nails did. I was in the mood for bright colors:


What did you think of my orange nail polish?

Pretty amazing, huh? 😉

Lunch was around 3pm. Nete, our housekeeper, was responsible for 100% of that. She´s brilliant!


I´ve had a baked sweet potato, 3 tbsp of ground beef with carrots, lettuce and tomatoes and a sprinkle of grated carrots, PLUS…


About 5 tbsp of black beans. Holy YUM!




When a meal involves baked sweet potatoes, you can count with its quality. Hehe.

Well, after watching Rob Pattinson´s movie “How To Be” (which has turned out to be a very awkward movie. Fail.), I´m right now blogging and watching “Inglorios Bastards”. Which turned out to be a great movie. I had to close my eyes once in a while, but it´s totally worth it. I´m loving it, so far.


Actually, I´m just waiting for my friend to pick me up. We´re going to a party!

Don´t wait me up 😉

See you guys as soon as possible!





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4 responses to “It´s Friday

  1. Hehe I saw that Robert Pattinson movie, too! Not so great…

    Love that nail polish color! I'll have to do mine soon.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the nail polish! And I love sweet potatoes too!
    Never seen the Robert Pattinson movie..will have to check that out. :]

  3. aww, sad that carnival is over andyou're back to school! it'll fly by though and summer will be here before you know it. lvin your nail polish, v cute. those sweet potatoes with the purpleish flesh and white insides are my fave!

  4. I just had a sweet potato for lunch too! Yummmmm, so good! You're so much braver than I am- I didn't even try to watch Inglorious Basterds! Too gory for me 🙂 I love your nail color. I love bright colors when it's warm out!

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