All Over Again

Hiya, people!

It´s over. Carnival is over, weekend is over, vacation is 100% over. It´s time to start working! From now on, I´ll be studying as much as I can. And this fact kinda creeps me out 😛

Oh, well. As I said earlier – you gotta do what you gotta do. Besides, I´m 3 years away from graduating. It won´t take too long! Sooner or later, I´ll be at college. Studying the subjects I´m interested in. How cool is that?!


Anyway, let´s get back to the present. I mean, the recent past. I don´t really know when did I have lunch today – but it´s Sunday, so who cares?

I´ve had the half sweet potato left from yesterday with a big piece of cooked chicken breast and random steamed veggies. Never goes wrong 🙂


With, of course, the always-present…


Scoop of black beans!


Altogether, now…


“Holy cow!”

Hahaha. Actually, I just stealed that one from a book I spent the afternoon reading – “Dear John”, by Nicholas Sparks. It´s a page-turner! I´m loving it 🙂

Right after lunch, we all went to the hospital to visit Grandpa. He´s doing better, but… You know. He´s at the hospital. That´s never a good sign :/

But anyway. I spent the whole afternoon reading by his side – he managed to sleep a few minutes over a neck pain. Poor Grandpa… I love him so much. I´m praying to have him back home as soon as possible.

Now, I´m already back at Mom´s house. I´ve just had dinner: a Thomas Multigrain Enlgish Muffin with 2 tbsp of cottage cheese and a mash of corn.



Altogether 🙂


That was yummy. I never tried this combo before – but, believe me, it works!


Well, I guess I should get going…

A non-stop day of school awaits!

I´ll ba back home at around 6pm. Let´s see when will I be able to do my Monday post…

Wish me luck, guys!




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  1. Good luck at school this week! And sorry to hear about your grandpa- I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers this week 🙂

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