Hey, lovely people!

How was your Tuesday? I hope it was amazing! But, even if it wasn´t, just remember – tomorrow´s Humpday! We´re one step closer to the weekend!


Anyhow, my Tuesday went great. I couldn´t sleep much, but I wasn´t tired when I awoke – a good sign! Up next, I did everything as always (took a shower, dressed up…) and then had breakfast. A yummy one!


I know you probably seen this before… Apple slices with a tbsp of PB!


Holy YUM. This thing is awesome! Haha.

In the end, there was a few PB left…


Which I quickly licked from the spoon! Yuuuuuuuum 😉

I had a slow morning today at school… At least, after school break, I knew I had only 2 more classes before heading home. YAY!

At snack time… An apple. I can´t get over it 😉


I was SO happy when school was over! I could go home at lunch time! It felt ah-mazing to eat homemade food again. Hehe.

Lunch was yummy and repetitive – 1/2 a baked sweet tater, grated carrots, 1 thin slice of grilled chicken and steamed zucchini (about 3 tbsp).


PLUS, of course…


3 tbsp of black beans. I´m a girl with strong habits.

After lunch, I spent the aftenoon working… Doing homework, organizing some stuff, finishing school projects… I was definetely busy 😉

Then, around 5pm, I took a break from school work to watch an english class. Remember when I talked about entering a new english course? So, they said I should talk to a techer, who would decide which classes should I take – the FCEs (First Certificate in English) or the CPEs (An advanced certificate one I forgot the name, haha). She actually said I could choose the one I wanted, and that this was up to me. How cool and weird is that?! Haha.

I watched the CPE class today from 5:30 to 7pm, and I kinda liked it. I spent a loong time without any serious english training, so I actually went pretty well. I got nine questions of ten on comprehension, 4 of 6 on listening, and 5 of 7 on reading. Not too shabby, hahahaha.

The thing is: most of the students in that class are seniors, or even college students. It was a bit scary to be learning with them. Uh-uuh.

But I´ll watch an FCE class before making a decision, so I´m ok for now. This is so exciting! Hihi 🙂

Anyway – dinner was around 8pm. I bet you´ve seen this many times before:


Except that, to save you all from total bore, I added a something new…


Vegetable soup! About half a scoop.

Actually, the ingredients of this soup are truly the amazing thing behind it – only different kinds of veggies! Mixed on the blender!

This was gooood. Clean food!

Well… My eyes are closing. Again, always a good sign!

I guess this is me turning off.

See you guys soon!





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3 responses to “Oh-So-Boring

  1. Loving the apple with PB! Apples are definitely my favorite fruit 🙂 Happy almost hump day!

  2. I've got apples and almond butter for my snack today! I'm excited 🙂

  3. i'm pretty excited to see someone who loves apples as much as i do. i eat like 4 every day haha! try “baking” them in the microwave: chop into pieces, add a splash of water, cook for ~3 mins or until soft, then add a TON of cinnamon!

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