It´s Good To Be Around

Hello, lovely bloggies 🙂

I´m sorry I took so long to do my daily post – I just went back from the hospital. I spent about 10 hours there today – visiting my grandfather.

But let´s rewind a bit…

Last night, Dad ended up calling me to say it was a little too late to pick me up. So I finished reading/commenting blogs and slept at home. Felt good 🙂

Then, this morning, as you all probably know, I had a major craving for that Luna Bar I bought while at New York. I simply HAD to try it as breakfast! So, at around 10am (even though I woke up at 9am), I´ve had all that YUMINESS in a bar. Holy Moly! I was in bar-heaven. Haha 😉

Anyway. Dad picked me up a little later – by 1:15pm or so. Traffic was heavy – and, as I was hungry, I started to get a rel bad headache… Ouch.

Fortuntely, the first thing I´ve done when I arrived at the hospital (by 2:15pm) was to have lunch. I was hangry!


I´ve had about 3 tbsp of carrot salad, 4 tbsp of chickpeas and salmon salad, 2 tbsp of brown rice, 1 scoop of black beans, 3 beet slices, 3 cassava slices, 1 mini chicken meat-ball and ~4 tbsp of cooked pod.

Pretty good for hospital food, huh? Haha.

Then, I spent the whole day at grandpa´s room. The fact that he refused to eat and simply didn´t want to wake up or to talk at all made everything harder. He didn´t eat anything all day, and by the end of the afternoon the doctors decided to give him food through his nose. They had to get both my Dad and my Uncle to hold him while they inserted the tub and wrapped his hands so he wouldn´t try to take the tub off…

Simply disturbing. Oh, God. He begged us all to get the tub off his nose – he even started to scream and to shake his arms (even though his arms were tighed to his bed). And I really wanted to help him, but grandma took me off the room so I could get some fresh air before I could do anything. I felt useless. Maybe this was a little too strong for me. Seeing my grandfather like this… Not beeing able to talk, discuss and be rational like he always is…

It was hard. But I got over it, and stood behind him through the whole evening. Me, my Dad, my Uncle and my two Aunts only went back home when the hospital guys asked us to. It was already 11:30pm, and the visit time was supposed to be between 8am and 8:30pm. Oopsie.

Oh, well. I had dinner at the same place I´ve had lunch – at the hospital´s restaurant. Food was almost the same. At around 8:30pm, I´ve had:


4 tbsp of chickpea and salmon salad, 2 tbsp of carrot salad, 2 small slices of grilled chicken, 1 tbsp of brown rice, 1 scoop of black beans, 3 slices of raw beets ans lettuce.

This time, it wasn´t as good as lunch – apparently, the air-conditioner was colder, which made all my plate freeze in a couple of minutes. And, trust me – chicken and rice are two things that are better when hot 😉

But the meal itself wan´t so bad. Besides, I´ve had melon chunks as dessert 😀


4 small melon slices

I was supposed to attend a 15-year-old party now – but once I don´t know the birthday girl, and it´s way past midnight, I gave up. Bed´s calling me 😉

I still have a major headache that followed me through the whole day. Ughhh. I just wanted to feel good again :/

But anyway. I´m sure I´ll be better by tomorrow. All I need is a good night of sleep. Yeahh… This will make everything better.

I guess I´ll see you guys tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday, y´all!





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3 responses to “It´s Good To Be Around

  1. Gabriela, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa 😦 But it sounds like you're being so strong. I know how hard it can be to deal with this kind of thing; my mom had cancer when I was younger and I remember spending way too many days sitting by her bed in the hospital. I know it's not an easy thing to handle, and I'll keep you both in my prayers ❤ Hang in there, love.

  2. Hey Gabriela!

    So glad you like my blog, I think it's amazing when people I've never met before from countries I've never been to leave me comments and connect with me over the internet!

    I love your blog too, I love your sense of humour, you seem like such a happy, jolly person 😀

    One thing I must point out, you said 'girlie' in my comment, uhm, I'm a guy. Haha sorry to burst any bubbles just thought I should point that out haha. Don't worry no problem.

    Hope you are well 😀

  3. That must have been so difficult to be with your grandfather today…I'm proud of you for being strong! Always thinking of you 🙂 Your hospital food looks pretty good- whenever I've eaten in the hospital my dad works at, it's disgusting! Have a great Sunday 🙂

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