Second Thoughts

Hello, blog-world!

I´m sorry I didn´t post earlier. I was pretty busy… doing homework and thinking.

Why, you might ask?

Simply because I realized it´s been three days since I´ve gotten back to the gym, and I completely love it there. I could spent hours and hours in there, if you (Mom) left me. This wasn´t supposed to be a bad thing… But apparently, it is.

I mean, today, I´ve spent 30 min on the elliptical, ~25 minutes running on the treadmill and about 30 minutes doing strenght training. Seemed pretty easy at the time, but now that I´m giving it a second thought… It was a hard workout. I must´ve spent a considerable amount of calories tonight. And, when I checked my eats…



Morning Snack


(Not the entire package – only 1 granola bar)



Afternoon Snack (pre-workout)








I don´t know…

Y´all think that´s enough?

I´m seriously confused.

But thank you all for caring, in the first place. You´ve made me think. Re-think. And think again. What do I want? Heath or thinness?

Anyhow – this is just something I´m gonna have to decide about. Between beeing healthy or beeing thin. I mean, what´s wrong with beeing AVERAGE?!

Oh, well.

Oh, and before I forget – let me tell ya the truth about me!

I waited for a little bit longer, just to see if someone would get it right…

Actually, #7 is the truth!

“I have an Oscar on my desk right now.”

Hahahaha, I´m serious. Wanna see it?




It even has my name on it!


Hahahaha, ok – I have to admit, it´s not a real Oscar. It´s actually an invitation to a “Sweet 15” party! The ones I talked you about a little while ago (in Brazil, we throw a huge party to celebrate a girl´s 15th birthday, not the 16th). Isn´t it cool?

I was SO thrilled to be invited!

Oh, and one more thing – I actually DO have a birthday mark. But it´s on my chest! Right in the middle. It´s kind of funny, really. A big black mark on my chest. Everybody sees it when I have my bikinis on, and everybody notices 😛

I´ll show you guys that one, someday. Haha.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

I already have exciting plans for tomorrow 😉

Good night!





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7 responses to “Second Thoughts

  1. like quincinera or however you spell it? fun! yes gabriela, that is certainly NOT enough food. i'm no dietitian, but i can tell you for a fact that you need to eat more!! you can do it love!

  2. That Oscar is so cute! I love that they put your name on it. I agree with Stef, you're not eating enough to gain, let enough maintain if you're exercising. If you'd like to still go to the gym, maybe try a strength routine (lifting weights) or something like yoga. It will get you moving without requiring too many more calories!

  3. I have had trouble with the question: health or thinness? I used to be obsessed with being skinny. I would do anything and everything to keep my weight low until I realized what a tole it took on myself and my loved ones. It's been a long road to get back to where I was before I started the whole ordeal but I think that I am getting there.

    I think that you are the best indicator if you have eaten too much or too little. If you are hungry, then eat something and if your not, then don't. Harder said than done but the best thing to do is just listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

  4. trust me girl-you WANT health!! its SOO worth it. skinny is me! guys like healthy girls too 🙂

  5. Oh, hun, I'm worried about your eats and exercise… it doesn't look like you're eating nearly enough for the amount of exercise you're doing. Being thin is not worth it… happiness only comes with health… the ability to love and live life only comes with health. I learned this the hard way, so don't let it go too far. Being healthy is fabulous… being thin gets old quickly.

  6. Hi,
    I just found your blog and just thought I'd give you some sound advice (please don't take it as too harsh or mean!). Even if you weren't exercising, that wouldn't be enough food to maintain. A sedentary person would lose weight on your diet. I'm sorry but there is no way that you are this clueless. You're a smart girl. Don't let ED fool you. You could eat double the amount you ate today and still lose with the amount you are exercising.

    – Ava

  7. hey girlie.. its been a while since ive visited over here!! im so sorry!!! the oscar is cute! i love it!!

    listen you want to be healthy lady.. if you cant do it for yourself, do it for your grandfather.. he had a long life filled with family- and i imagine, not very many regrets.. i think he would want you to be healthy and happy and not constantly worried about being thin enough.. then you can be whoever you want to be and be free from that pain of ED.. it sucks the life out of you and doesnt give up until it has all of you.. its hard to get that back : (
    *hugs* and beijos

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