Extremely Frustrating

Hey, guys…

So, it´s been a really frustrating Saturday for me.

Basically, all I had to (and wanted to) do today was to go to my friend´s birthday party. But, all of a sudden, it starts to rain. Hardcore rain. Strees were like rivers, and my sister got home looking like she´s been swimming, wet from head to feet. Mom´s not the best driver, and the car´s without insurance (they´re trading cars), which meant no party for me.

I was so angry! I spent the whole day getting ready for this party, drying my hair, picking my clothes…I even refused to go to my step-sister´s house, because I couldn´t be late! All for nothing. GRRRRRR.

I´m sorry for the exaggerated complain, but I simply had to get this off my chest. See? I already feel better 😉

But, anyway. Y´all probably noticed I´m not in such good mood, so I´m gonna let the pics speak for themselves…

Breakfast ~10:30am


Lunch ~4pm




Dinner ~10pm


Just for the record, I didn´t exercise today…


But thank you all again for the concern. I swear I´m trying to eat more, but today was just crazy. Her birthday party was actually supposed to take place at a really famous buffet restaurant that serves high-quality red meat (a churrascaria called “Porcão”), so no one was worried about my eats… I was supposed to have a pretty filling dinner.

Besides, I´ve never been to a churrascaria – even though I live in Brazil, where red meat is highly aprecciated!


I´m still pretty bummed, as you can see.

But nothing a good night sleep wouldn´t cure 😉

I hope to come back with better news tomorrow. And with better mood!


Have an amazing Sunday!





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10 responses to “Extremely Frustrating

  1. aw i'm sorry it didn't work out about the party, i can tell you would have loved to go! i hope you don't miss out on anything else because of the weather! stay dry gabriela!

  2. Gabriela,

    I am so glad you found my blog!!!

    I love your blog as well!!

    Oh froyo is the best!!! What is your fave froyo topping?

    I am sorry you had a bad day, u need some froyo to make u better!!!


  3. Aw, such a bummer about the party! I've had to skip a few parties because of weather related stuff, and it sucks 😦 Hopefully you still enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Aww sorry that the rain made you miss the party, hun. I don't think we've ever had rain that bad up here (Canada), but we do get our fair share of snowstorms 🙂

    Just please, please take proper care of yourself, hun ❤

  5. Aww, so sorry you missed the party. That's no fun 😦

  6. traynharder23

    it rained a lot here yesterday! such a bummer. =(

    you have a nice sundaeyyyyy too!

  7. babyvanilla

    Ah that sucks…In Canada we only get snow, not rain like this!
    p.s: I'm actually 16 now :p

  8. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! It's raining a lot here too in San Diego!

  9. Oh no, sorry you couldn't go! Some days just don't turn out as planned. I try to have back-up ideas in mind in case that happens so I don't end up too stressed. Hope today is better!

  10. Sorry to hear your day didn't turn out as planned. Hopefully this upcoming week is wonderful for you!

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