Hello, beautiful bloggers!

Yes, my mood did change overnight. Fortunately 😉

I had a good day. Calm, low-key… Just what I wanted it to be.

I had breakfast at around 10 am – the time I woke up. Yeeeep, I needed some rest after falling asleep by 2 am.


Not much of an improvement, right? Melon chunks and pineapple slices. They looked (and tasted) so good and fresh…

Then, lunch… I pretty much spent the whole morning/lunchtime getting ready for my grandfather´s 7th day mess. In the end, I decided to wear a black high waist skirt with a cute blouse with flower-y details and a short high heel. It felt just right 🙂

By 2 pm, we went to grandpa´s house (Mom´s father) to have lunch with him. The meal was served at around 4 pm. They made gnocchi and pasta, but apparently the gnocchi had an owner – my aunt Cassia. So I only had a few bites.


Spinach Pasta with chunky tomato sauce and 2 tbsp of gnocchi (see, just a bite!)

It tasted good! Made me remember the old times… When my grandmother created “Pasta Satuday”. It was so fun 🙂

I had fruit as dessert – a wonderful, juicy apple!


Gotta looove those cuties… 😉

By 6 pm, we went to the nearest church to attend my grandfather´s 7th day mess. It was beautiful. Lelê slept on my lap, though. But it was no problem – she looked so adorable while sleeping… Gotta love baby sisters.

After the mess, we went straight home. Everybody was kinda tired, thinking about the long week that starts tomorrow. I can´t belive tomorrow´s Monday again…

Oh, well. Gotta live, gotta learn… Gotta do what you gotta do. Right?


Dinner was around 9 pm:


A (kind of destroyed) slice of spinach quiche with 2 tbsp of beans salad, PLUS…


Leftover pineapple/melon.


Altogether = amazing din-din.

I hope y´all have a great Monday!

I´m already kind of excited by the fact that I´ll hang out with my cousins right after school tomorrow… F-U-N!

See you guys later!





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7 responses to “Low-key

  1. Glad you slept in! I caught up on sleep a little this weekend, too.

    Everything looks so good! I love gnocci.

  2. I love gnocchi! I would have fought her for it- definitely my favorite pasta! Have a great week love 🙂

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Gnocchi are my favorite food ever!!! I would have had to have more than just a few bites…

    Have a great week!

  4. have fun with your cousins. i love gnocchi!

  5. glad you had a good day! I hope your week is wonderful!

  6. i love pasta… love it love it!! that looks awesome, i agree with gabriela, i would have fought my aunt for it.. haha

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