Hey, y´all!

How was your Monday?

I know, it´s the beggining of the week, everybody feels tired and sleepy… But I kind of like to think it as a challenge – trying to make Mondays fun! I mean, poor Monday… She´s hated just because she´s the first “working-day” of the week! She´s never done anything to deserve such anger… Right?

Haha. I´m done with the “Poor Monday” speech, I promise 😉

Onto my day. I woke up as early as usual, only this time I accidentaly woke up by 1:30 am thinking I was already late. Oh, well. Hate when this stuff happends. I fell asleep quickly, though – which was wonderful 🙂

I had some weird dreams of the following hours. It´s funny I can still remember what were they about – I usually forget them as soon as I get out of bed!

Anyhow – as soon as I woke up, I decided that today was a new day. A fresh new start. A great day for a great change! I mean, who am I trying to fool? Eating more is not something easy! And I knew I needed to take the first step. One step at a time… I´ll get there. It´s all about positivity 🙂

Breakfast was:


Basically a real challenge for me. Twice what I´m used to eat! And, I know – still very little, huh? Baby steps…



1 sliced apple with a spoonful of peanut butter PLUS a banana hammock.

I´ve been wanting to try one since the first time I saw it, at Katie´s blog!

And, by the way – I´m your fan, honey! You´re a total genius! This is so. freaking. AWESOME!


Holy. Moly. YUM!

Snack at lunch time was tough – even though it was already 10:30 am, I wasn´t hungry at all. But I managed to have my fair share of snackage:


1 Oat N´Honey granola bar. 1/2 package, whatever.

Then, lunch… I had it around school – I have afternoon classes on Mondays and Wednesdays (and social project on Tuesdays!). Blargh.

But it was good! I had a colorful salad – I was craving veggies!


In the mix: lettuce, olives, grated beet, white cheese, turkey brest, sliced heart-of-palms and mustard. As good as it looks 😉

After lunch, something bad happend – I couldn´t attend the chemistry lab class because I had forgotten my chemistry book. Which meant I had almost 2 hours “free” – I had to stay at 4th floor, and I couldn´t leave the perimeter.  I enjoyed the “free-time” to study. I did some homework, read some geography and portuguese pages, studied some old subjects… Every bad this comes for a good reason. Maybe I needed that!

It was a good lesson, anyway. I don´t think I´ll ever forget my chemistry book from now on. Lesson learned 😉

After lab, we had geography and portuguese classes. Nothing too exciting or too boring – just normal stuff. When the bell rang, I was relieved. Phew! No more school for the day 🙂

Thankfully, I had something to look forward to – meeting my cousins! I got a cab in front of my school and went to their house. I even managed to help Marina with her homework! She sounded very thankful, haha. I love beeing with them!

Peter Paul was as cute and fun as always. Marina, as friendly as usual. And grandpa… as funny and wise as he ever is 😉

We stopped at a really nice bookstore to buy some new fuel – grandpa says books are our brain´s fuel! I bought a book called “Petite Anglaise” – seemed very interesting to me 🙂

After spending some time choosing and paying for our books, we ended up eating at a café inside the same bookstore – everything sounded so delicious!

While they went for cheese crêpes, I decided on fighting my instincts to have a salad and choosing a Hummus sandwich on a pita bread. I saw them all the time on other blogs, and I´ve always wanted to try it!


Sorry about the bad pic – the lighting was awful! But I simply HAD to take a picture of this beauty…

Hummus and mustard seeds sandwich, with grated carrots, lettuce and sliced tomato on a pita bread.

This. was. HEAVEN!

I completely get why bloggers are so obsessed about hummus sandwiches – they´re AMAZING!

Love at first bite. Haha 😉

To drink, I ordered an Iced Tea… Nothing special, but quite tasty.


After everyone was finished licking their plates (hum… or maybe it was just me), grandpa and Marina decided to order dessert – a banana, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate crêpe. I decided to join them, and ordered dessert, too.

Fresh pineapple slices!


Ok – maybe it wasn´t so wonderfully fresh. But it´s pineapple, for crying out loud! I ate every bite 🙂

I went back home with a smile on my face. For eating a bit more, and most importantly, for really trying. Confronting my fears, and ignoring stupid Gertrude´s voice (“You don´t NEED dessert! You´re satified! What the HELL are you doing?!”).

I mean… baby steps, right?

Now… I think I´ll just do some blog reading and go to bed. I´m pretty stuffed (I´m not really used to have dessert – ooops!) and tired. But I feel good. And that´s what really matters 🙂

Wish you all an amazing night and a terrific Tuesday! Only 4 more days, guys!






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7 responses to “Improvement/Positivity

  1. Good job on your pineapple “dessert” – baby steps are the right way to go! One meal at a time.

  2. Congrats on the bigger breakfast! Fruit and PB are so good, it's hard to say no 🙂 And I'm glad you liked your hummus sandwich, too! As far as not being hungry by snacktime goes, it's probably because your hunger cues are off. As you increase your intake, you'll start to be hungry at the right times. I'm so proud of you!

  3. Hehe I wake up early thinking I'm late for work all the time! It's scary.

    Love those hammocks! So cute.

    Have a great rest of the week, Gabriela!

  4. yup positivity is key! you can do this gabriela, i'm proud of you!

  5. Yay for baby steps! I know you can do it :)And that hummus sandwich sounds amazing!

  6. So glad to see you eating more, love! It's all about baby steps, and the more you take, the more easy it will become. I used to have a really hard time justifying eating more. But you know what? The more you allow yourself to eat, the better you'll find that you enjoy your meals… just like your breakfast! My meals used to be so bland and boring, but when I upped my intake, they became fun and delicious… that alone is a great motivator 🙂 Life is all about enjoying the good food!

  7. im glad to see you are eating more too!! girl, one step at a time..before you know it, it wont be challenging at all! KEEP IT UP, please! your body AND soul will thank you! YOU CAN DO THIS

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