Hey, y´all!

First, I wanted to thank you for all the love and support I received on yesterday´s post. It meant the world to me, seriously 🙂

Now, onto today… I was wondering. It´s been exactly 1 month since I became 15! Time flies, huh? Haha.

So, having this in mind, I decided to make this day worth it. I´ve been 15 for (almost) 30 days now, right? And that´s something to celebrate 😉

Today´s breakfast was simple, yet different: 2 (I said TWO!) slices of whole wheat bread with cottage cheese.


I think I´ve been scared of bread for long enough. And what´s more constructive then facing my fears?


Snack at school break was the usual – an apple. I couldn´t think of anything better, specially because I knew I´d have an early lunch. So I guess it wasn´t so terrible…


At lunch time, I finally chose not to order salad for once in my life! Isn´t it another improvement?


Isn´t it beautiful?

I´ve had 1 1/2 slices of chicken pie, plus steamed zucchini, cauliflower and carrots.


Holy YUM!

Although I felt a bit full at the end, I knew I had achieved something. Besides, it tasted AH-MAZING.

As good as it looks. Haha 😉

After lunch, I stayed at school – I´m now part of a social project, who helps poor kids to learn citizenship values through little games and activities. I´m so excited! If you live in Brazil, and you study in a public school, you don´t stand a chance on getting into college. Only a few (like, about 10-15 of them, in the whole country) are actually good ones. I mean, they have a special system of quotas (which I think is really prejudiced… Anyway), but it´s really hard for a public-school student to be interested in learning, specially when they see all those smugglers and gangsters making lots on money wihtout having any kid of instruction.

But I´m facing this as a challenge – as I´m taking care of kids between 7 and 8 years, my mission will be making them believe in themselves. Believing in their own capacity, in their own strenght. They´re ALWAYS hope! Right?

I left school at 3 pm, and got home at around 4 pm. I managed to study for a little bit, do some homework, continue some researches… Then, by 6 pm or so, I went to the gym. It felt awesome! Poor gym guys – they had to watch me lip-synch all kinds of songs for a long time. Haha.

I did ~30 min on the treadmill, plus ~15 min of biking. Then, I did some strenght training for about 40 minutes. That made me so sleepy…

Fortunately, I had brought my stuff to take a shower at the gym´s changing room. Aaaaah. Much better 😉

When I got home, I waited for a bit – answered some phone calls, turned on my computer, did some blog-reading – and then had dinner. A really good one 🙂


I´ve had: steamed cauliflower, chayote, pumpkin and carrots, a baked sweet potato and a (demolished) slice of spinach quiche. What can I say? I love the crust 😉


T´was good.


Well, I guess it´s time to go… School´s until 5 pm tomorrow!


Hahaha. Have a great Wednesday, guys!





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10 responses to “Life

  1. i watched the movie City of God a while ago and it really made me grateful of how lucky i was to grow up in a town with a good public school system and had the chance to go to a good college- you are awesome to be helping those kids out!!

    girl- thats a LONG gym session! i hope you ate dessert! you deserve it for sure…

  2. yay for improvements girl!i think the work you're doing with those kids is amazing! so inspirational, i know you're making a big diff in their lives. take it easy with the gym time though sweetie!

  3. Ada

    That's so sweet of you to volunteer, you are making such a difference in these kids lives!

  4. Yay for the bread! I love carbs, there's nothing better than bread to me! It's so great you're helping out at school, too 🙂 Like Stef said, take it easy at the gym! almost an hour and a half is a lot of exercise!

  5. Girl, it's so awesome to see you improving in the eating department! Great job.

    The work you're doing with those kids is also great. Remember that to teach them to believe in themselves, you have to believe in yourself. So face those challenges and realize you can kick some butt!

  6. Hi Gabriela!!

    Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your sweet comments!! I'm so glad to finally get to catch up with yours!

    Isn't it amazing that as a 15-year old, you have these wonderful blog connections to girls/women all around the world?? I wish I had those connections when I was 15.

    You seem so sweet. Congrats on your successes, improvements.

    I look forward to continuing to read.

  7. I love working with kids, too! There's nothing better than making a child smile. Love that feeling!!

    Have a good day 🙂

  8. Hi thanks for finding me! I love your blog!, and I cannot believe that you are only 15! crazy! xoxoxo

  9. i lip sync at the gym too!!!! when im having a really great workout i do, and i know ppl around me think im strange but whatev!

    so cool of you to volunteer your time to help those kiddos! I didn't know that about brazil- i was really intrigued by the college/gangsta info!

  10. YUM- I love quiche! Haven't had it in awhile…..seeing it here makes me want to have it now!!

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