Hey, guys!

You´ll never guess what happend!

Mom just called me to say we´re TRAVELING TOMORROW!

Yep – we´re headed to Campinas/SP, where we´ll be able to visit Hopi Hari Park!

(FYI – it´s like brazilian´s Disneyland or something – it has roller-coasters, a gigantic ferris wheel, etc)

I know I´m gonna miss a couple of classes, but oh well! What can I do, right?!


Onto today´s eats, anyway – we depart tomorrow morning, by 6 am!




A juicy pear, a sliced apple and a tbsp of PB&Co´s Cinnamin Raisin Swirl




Licking the spoon… Haha!



Oats N´Honey granola bar



4 tbsp of chickpea, tomato and carrot salad, tomato slices, half a small baked sweet potato and steamed cauliflower



3 tbsp of chickpea salad, small slice of veggie quiche, steamed spinach, baked sweet potato and cucumber slices


Fresh pineapple slices as dessert

Yep – definetely a delicious day!


Anyhow, I needed to share something with you guys… I don´t know how to say it, but as they say, a picture is worth more then a thousand words. So here I go:


I guess that´s it, for now.

I´ll talk to you guys later – as I said before, I have an early flight to catch 😉

Have a great Friday, peeps!





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10 responses to “SURPRISE!

  1. Aw, sweetie…I don't know what to say 😦 We've talked about this before, so I won't rehash it all here, but please remember that this cycle is not healthy. You're not eating enough to maintain WITHOUT exercise, and it just breaks my heart to see this…remember that I'm here for you and that you CAN overcome this!!

  2. Have a great time at the amusement park, Gabriela! Sounds like so much fun!

  3. That picture makes me incredibly sad 😦 Hun, it doesn't look like you eat very much… and if you're doing that much exercise on top of that, well… you're heading down a very dangerous road, and I wish you would take better care of yourself.

    Have a fun trip, hun, but please please be good to your body.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. Wow, that is quite the run you had! I need to work back up to that level again!

  5. I noticed how healthy the eats were, but I never thought it might not be enough food until I read the comments. If I had to guess, I'd say it's about 1,200 cals?? I don't know though, people have told me I have food issues too (even though I don't eat nearly this healthy).

  6. Hope you had a great weekend at the park – I LOVE amusement parks! I wish someone would surprise me like that 🙂

  7. so exciting, have fun! i do wish you'd take better care of yourself. not to get preachy, but after spending some time in the hospital this month i became so painfully aware of how precious our bodies are. we only get ONE, you must take care of it!

  8. oooh those pineapple slices look terrific! jealous.

  9. Ooh Gabriela have an amazing time! I wish I was going, too 🙂

  10. Have fun on your trip! I love those last-minute surprises!

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