Vegan Vegan

Hey, guys!

I´m loving life right now. Period 🙂

It´s the end of my exams, and an extended-holiday. Could it get any better?!


I started my Tuesday with the right foot:


Cottage Cheese, a sliced apple and cinnamon combo. In a container!


It was totally worth the close-up 🙂


I ate the rest of my Cinnamon granola bar between the two exams

But the real celebration started right after my last test. I met my grandmother for lunch at a cool vegan restaurant I´ve always wanted to visit: Vegan Vegan.


The menu

It was incredibly cozy inside. I was a bit shy about taking pictures from the restaurant´s tables while people were inside (and, believe me, this place was packed), but I succeded on taking a few shots 😉

Me and Grandma chose the Daily Dish – they had an optional one, as well. We could choose between two entrées: a miso soup with vegetables and an organic green salad, with soy mayo.

I chose the salad:


Excuse my dumb face, please.


This. was. good.

While Grandma had the soup:


She gave me a taste. Believe me when I say it was approved 😉

The service was great! Even though we had to wait for a bit until a table was free, the food came quickly and our waitress was extremely kind and patient. YAY 🙂

The main dish was pure bliss:


Chickpea Swiss Roll with Veggies and Almond Sauce, Pumpkin and Soy Cheese “Soufflé”, Organic Brown Rice with Gersal and Beet Carpaccio

WOW, right?! I was completely amazed. And it tasted as good as it looks 😉


Grandma liked it, too 🙂

They even served us two Ginger Shots (without alcohol, of course) each! T´was delicious, too:


Spicy… In a good way 🙂



Food was great, and we were having a great time chatting. So Grandma suggested us to order some dessert – everything was vegan in there! Unfortunetely, we received some bad news: they were only serving a small number of dessert options, which were extremely limited and non-appealing to me. Since we hadn´t ordered anything to drink during the meal (because of the unexpected Ginger Shot), we decided to ask for juices. They had the most creative ones!


My vitamin-packed dessert: a Passion Fruit and Ginger Juice!

Holy YUM. Can I get this recipe? ´Cause I was in juice heaven 😉


À votre santé!

I loved it. In fact, we both did! And we can´t wait to go back 🙂

Next meal up was dinner – at my friend´s birthday dinner! It was lovely there, and even though it was in a pizza place, they had a salad and antipasti buffet, which I took advantage of 🙂

Plate #1 was packed with things I was dying to try:


Seared Tuna, baby corn, ginger slices, aspargus, roasted pumpkin, steamed veggies, heart-of-palms slices, veggie quiche, garbanzo salad, curd, salmon salad and probably something else I can´t remember… Haha.

I couldn´t finish my plate, though… There were so many guests! I loved chatting with all of my friend´s friends. They were all too cute!

Then, a plate #2 was eaten at some point… But it was only a partly-filled plate, and it had mostly cherry tomatoes I had picked for a friend to eat. Besides, I had no time to finish it, as well. Oops.

But the party was definetely awesome. I made some good new friends, and I loved the fact that I was the oldest person invited. Having 12-year-old friends has its advantages 🙂

Me and Luisa slept over at Helena´s house (his grandfather´s… But still). We had a great time, but I took only a few minutes to fall asleep… I was exhausted!

We all woke up late the next morning. Breakfast was simple and easy – we were already thinking about lunch at the mall before watching a movie.


Mango slices – YUM.

After breakfast, we showered and went to the mall. We bought tickets to “Date Night”´s 4 pm session and started looking for a place to eat. They both wanted to eat at Outback Steakhouse – I didn´t really like the idea, in the first place. But I went with them to the restaurant´s reception table, and we discovered it was packed. We´d have to wait for at least an hour. Luisa and Helena were very sad to leave :/

We managed to find a nice place, though. It was a clean and cute restaurant called “Doce Delícia” (which means “Sweet Deliciousness”).

My plate came fast:


Green house salad with a heart-of-palms quiche. Absolutely delicious 🙂


With a side of Peach Iced Tea


Luisa with her half of Grilled Sirloin Cap and Piamontese Rice and Wood Sauce


Helena with the other half – they shared!

The movie was lovely. I know it has received some bad reviews, but I adore funny love stories 🙂

After the movie, then, it was ice cream time:


Ice Cream for them…


And Fro-Yo for me!


With pineapples, bananas and blueberries as toppings. Heaven!

I was so sad to say goodbye – we had an amazing time together! I loved getting to know Luisa better – she´s the sweetest!

When I got home, after hours of heavy traffic, I´ve had dinner (by 10:30 pm):


Steamed beet, carrot, chayote and zuchinni slices with a slice of cottage cheese and veggies quiche

Yeah, I know… I´m obsessed with quiches! I know!


Overall, I had a terrific 48 hours. I need to get some sleep, though! I´ll be traveling to Catalão/GO on Friday, and I´ll have to be at the airport by 6 am! I´m excited, but this is going to be a short night.

I´ll see you soon, lovely people! Thanks, yet again, for your comments. They make my day!





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17 responses to “Vegan Vegan

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! It sounds like you had a fun day! I just went to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in my town and it was amazing! They had the best sweet potato fries! Have a great day, girl!

  2. Vegan Vegan looks like it was delicious!! I love vegan restaurants 🙂 Glad you had fun at your friend's birthday as well, it sounds like a great time!! Enjoy your day love!!

  3. jamandjessica

    OMG that food all looks totally amazing!
    I'm so happy you're happy! The end of exams is such a GREAT feeling, no????!! 🙂
    Hope you have another fabulous day today! xxxx

  4. Cottage cheese with apples and cinnamon is one of my favorite snack combos as well!

  5. the fro-yo looks delicious!!!

  6. What a wonderful meal out!

  7. GIRL you are so sweet-your comments make my day! I LOVE QUICHE!! soo good! AND froyo, of course! your gma is ADORABLE ❤

  8. Congrats on being done! Totally worthy of celebrating…with some great eats of course! I'll take a chickpea swiss roll please!

    I haven't had a quiche in forever. Actually I don't know if i've ever really had a good solid excellent quiche. I think I've gotta seek out a good recipe and make one myself!

    Happy travels! xo

  9. I am glad you had such a great two days!! that Vegan Vegan place sounds to die for!


  10. That restaurant Vegan Vegan sounds great – The main dish looks amazing. And I love the name of that second restaurant!

  11. that place looks awesome! I love the pic of your gma pouring olive oil on her plate.. that's too classic 🙂 seriously all of that food looks awesome! i'd love to try some of your entrée yum yum

  12. Aww I love dinner dates with my grandmother. You look like you had a great time. You are absolutely beautiful my dear. 😀

  13. Wow Vegan Vegan looks amazing and it's so cool that your Grandma was up for the lunch date!!

    I'm glad to see that you got your froyo!!

  14. Hey pretty lady! Thanks for all the sweet comments you always leave me. Your bloggie's so cute!
    Love ya!

  15. You and your grandma are both too cute!

    And the food looks amazing!!

  16. glad you had a great weekend!
    love the vegan, vegan restaurant, all your eats looked so yummy!!

  17. I'm glad you are so happy!

    Vegan Vegan looks great! I love those ginger shots.

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