Fro-Yo Cravings

Salut, mes belles!

How are you? ´Cause I´m doing great, haha.

As you probably have noticed, I´m in such good mood today. Maybe it´s because it´s the first “lazy” school week I´ve had in AGES! Homeworks are almost inexistent, as every single teacher is fighting against time to deliver all the results from our tests. Classes have been all about corrections! It´s been great 🙂

Anyhow – I think I should show you some of my recent results, as promised! Let´s see…

Physics: 89/100

Maths: 78/100

Literature: 82/100

Geography: 89/100

French: 91/100

Biology: 88/100

History: 100/100

There are still a few results missing, and those aren´t the final results, as they´re calculated through median calculus, but… Yeah. I suck at Maths, I know 😛

But just so you know, my results in Literature, Geography and History are the highest in my class. Tough, tough… Haha.

I´ll show you all my school report with my final grades as soon as it arrives. Ok?

Now, moving on to lighter news 😉

Here are the pics of my recent eats!

Let´s see where we stopped –




My last bar from Boston/NY trip! S-A-D!


Glorious, obviously 😉

School Snack


A mini-pear! It wasn´t ripe enough, though 😛



In the mix: lettuce, grated beets, heart-of-palms, crumbled ricotta, turkey breast slices and pineapple, with mustard sauce. Y-U-M!



At Pizza Hut, with friends and family at Aunt Renata´s b-day party…


I ordered the “Pizza Salad Chicken” – a bed of lettuce, olives, red cabbage, tomato and grilled chicken slices over a thin pizza dough. Italian dressing on the side!


I´ve had all the salad part, but I left all the pizza dough. It was already cold by the time I got to that part, anyhow. But the salad was lovely! I even added a little Italian sauce (~2 tbsp). An Iced Tea can on the side 🙂




1 sliced apple with 1/2 container of plain non-fat yogurt


Close-up version…


What do y´all think? 🙂

School Snack


Half an Oats N´Honey granola bar



Ok – I know it sounds crazy, but… I just wanted FRO-YO for lunch today! So I bought an apple to munch on before the big star… my beloved frozen yogurt!


Unfortunately, they were outta natural yogurt today. I thought about giving up, but I decided to challenge myself and order a “Berries-Flavoured” one! It wasn´t as good as the other, but it definetely hit the spot 😉





Slice of cooked cassava, sautéed spinach, cooked carrots and beets, a small slice of veggie quiche, slice of ricotta+spinach pie, steamed broccoli and heart-of-palms strings (didn´t have the sweet potato, it tasted pretty bad)

Gotta have my veggies! Haha.

Wish you all an amazing night and a fabulous Thursday, loves!

I´m off to see “Avatar” with Mom and Lelê now 🙂

See y´all!





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8 responses to “Fro-Yo Cravings

  1. Congrats on the grades!!! Enjoy Avatar 🙂

  2. nice job on the grades girlie!!!! congrats!

    hey FURNAS is one of my customers!!!!!!!!!! how cool is that?! they haven't ordered anything in a while- since 2008, but i think thats so cool! your grand-dads power station was not in my system, : (
    i still think its funny ; )
    that frozen yogurt looks soooooo yummmmmmy! glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Yummy fro yo!!! I changed my URL check it out 😉

  4. Awesome job on the grades, girl! You little smarty pants, you 🙂

    Hope you have a good time watching Avatar. Can you believe that I have yet to see it? Geez. I need to get with the program!


  5. nice work in school sweetie! mmm i love cassava but it's hard to find here in the states. i want froyo now from looking at your pics! pizza + bday party = fun

  6. Great job in School!!! 100% in history?!?!?!?! AWESOME!!

    and great eats as well 🙂

    have a nice weekend!

  7. Great job in school girl!!
    i hope you are still going out with friends and having fun-you are gota get out there!! next time-eat the crust 🙂 your body needs it.
    love you girl!

  8. Congrats on your grades! And I'm with you on the Math, I was never a fan myself.

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