Pounds All Around

´Ello, puppets!

I think I´m back on the grind! I think my post will be more regular from now on… YAY!


As you probably noticed, I´m a bit more excited then usual. But, trust me – I have a pretty solid reason… Hahahaha.

Ok, now. Seriously. I have something really amazing to share with you guys. It´s not a done deal, we still have tons of things to set up, it´s definetely not a big “YES”… But it´s a “maybe”, and you know that´s enough to excite me 😀

The thing is…


Yes, for 3-week period, I might go to England! It´s a summer course, to improve my English. Isn´t it EXCITING?!

And yes, you may laugh about the post title now. But isn´t England´s coin the pound? Haha 😉

Anyhow – on to a much more certain field… Food!

Yesterday was really fun. I awoke to a couple of melon slices and a bowl of 1/2 container of non-fat yogurt and 1/2 granola bar:


Then, I had an apple while at school:


And a DELICIOUS quiche+salad combo for lunch at a wonderful restaurant inside PUC´s campus (a well-known brazilian university) called “NaMedida”:


*Heaven in my mouth!*


(Fresh OJ on the side, obvs)

I had lunch with Mom! She went to Chile yesterday (she´s spending a week there – mostly to walk around and have some fun with my stepfather in a mini-vacation), and she said she wanted to say goodbye. Isn´t she the cutiest? 😀

Dinner was eaten early – I went out with my grandfather and cousins! It was great – she stopped at a book store, bought books (I chose “Sushi”, by Marian Keys! Is it good?) and then headed to a vegetarian restaurant called “Vegetariano Social Clube” – a place I´ve always wanted to visit. I absolutely LOVED IT, and can´t wait to come back!

I had a zucchini, eggplant and lettuce salad with a side of marinated tempeh. Two words: HOLY YUM!



(Sorry about the bad quality – bad lighting!)

I also had a Passion Juice+Ginger with my meal. So fresh and spicy 😀


As I said – a wonderful day.

Today´s been great, too. I had my favourite PB+fruit combo EVER as breakfast:


A nanner at school:


And a wonderful veggie combo for lunch! I met my lovely grandmother for lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called “Rio Vegetariano”. I asked for their “Summer Dish”: a flourless heart-of-palms “casserole” with steamed veggies, a green salad and a blob of “vegan mayo”.


Grandma ordered their brown rice+beans combo with the same pie and veggies I had. Her second dish was a bit camera-shy, but I managed to snap a pic while she had her soup:



We both had fresh unsweetened OJs on the side. They were so refreshing! Lurved it.

After our lunch, grandma decided to take a look at the little “health/organic store”. See all the bottles behind grandms? They´re not wines – they´re concentrated juice bottles. Hahahaha 😉

Anyhow – it was definetely a shopping spree! I simply bought everything I´ve ALWAYS wanted to have at home, but never had a chance to ask Mom. YAY!

All the goodies:


Preserved Sliced Ginger, Tahini, Hummus and Organic Soy Cheese (Tofu-alike)


I can´t believe I finally found this tahini jar! I see homemade hummus in the future… 😀

Anyhow – I´m really relaxed right now. Stepfather and Mom are having a BLAST, Lelê´s at school, and I´m done with homework. Life´s good, huh?

Before I go – I appreciate so much all the love and support everyone´s been giving me. I might not answer your lovely comments right away (Jessica, love – I don´t have your e-mail!), but I do read them all and I feel honered to receive such wonderful tips, advices and comments in general.

I might have told you all this before, but…


Hahahaha. Seriously, guys – I love the fact that I found blogworld so soon. I´m a lucky gal 😉

Wish you all a terrific night, and a magnificent week!





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8 responses to “Pounds All Around

  1. oh my gosh! The news about England is so exciting!! Have a BLAST if you end up going…I have been twice and loved visiting!:)

    Definitely let us know how the homemade hummus turns out if you give it a try! Nothing better than fresh hummus:)

  2. I am so happy to see you doing so much better Gabtiela :] You are great!!

    Keep it up!


  3. How exciting that you might be traveling to England! You must be thrilled! 😀

    And it's also exciting to see you found tahini. I've actually never used it before, but I've heard it makes a world of difference in making a delicious hummus. Yum! 😀

  4. The England trip sounds SO EXCITING, be sure to keep us posted on what happens!! It would definitely be a great experience!!

    That tempeh salad looks soooo good, you know how much I love my tempeh! And the passion fruit ginger juice looks awesome as well…what a yummy meal!

    I hope you're doing better love, I've been worried about you lately! Always here to talk if you need me 🙂 xoxo

  5. Yay, England sounds like so much fun!!

  6. A trip to England for the summer? Oh girl that definitely rocks! I really hope it becomes a certainty for you 🙂 I've never been to England, but it's a place I definitely want to visit.

    It's so glad to see you happier, hun. Keep remembering to put your health first!

  7. jamandjessica

    OMG…I hope you get to come over here!!! You will love it!!! Plus it'll be so good for your language even though your English is amazing already! 😉 I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Mmmm…tahini! Homemade hummus…definitely!!

    Hope you are well! xxxxxx

  8. cooooollll!!!! england! thats so awesome!! : )

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