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Hello, there.

It feels like it´s been months since I last posted! I´ve really missed blogging. I´ve missed you guys.

Well, a lot has happend these last few days… I don´t even know where to start.

Some good things have happend…

I received both my French diploma and my school report with my first bimester grades.

I went to a party with a few friends (including pre and post-party) and slept over.

I watched “Alice in the Wonderland” in theathers.

I went out with my grandfather and my cousins.

I played with the lovely kids from my social project.

And some bad things happend, too.

Last Tuesday, for example. I was exhausted when I got home. All I wanted to do was to cry and hide. I felt awful.

Or Thursday. I had a big fight with my mother. I didn´t want to go see my therapist, and she freaked out… She was right, in the end. As always.

This weekend, though, deserves more attention. Everything was going well… until Saturday, when my father picked me up.

To make a long story short: tears were dropped and I was hurted inside and out. Dad hit me. With words and with hands. He said he would intern me. “I won´t let you die”.

I don´t blame him. He said I was fooling him, all this time. And I was. But it wasn´t him that I was fooling – I was fooling myself. I didn´t even try to get better. All I did was eat less and loose more weight. I´ve dropped about 5 pounds since February.

I don´t know why I was doing that. I even started seeing a therapist. She´s nice, but I´ve known her for only a few weeks. We´ve talked about a lot of things, not only ED-related stuff. I guess it was a good thing that I´ve met her, but nothing has changed. Unfortunately.

Wow, you guys must be confused. Let me clear up: Dad pulled over right beside an ED-recovery clinic this afternoon. He said I should get my ID and my medical-service card and get out of the car.

Obviously, I freaked out. I said I´d recover. That I´d get better. That I did needed help – but from my parents, not from several doctors and nurses. I talked him out of leaving me there. He drove us (me and my sister) to my grandmother´s house, where my Mom was at because of Mother´s Day. He sat down with them both and explained his “plan”. Of course, he embarassed me in front of the whole family, but I remained calm. It could be worse.

After he left, I fixed myself a plate. I used the microwave, then sit down to eat. I was determinated to show them all I wasn´t kidding, so I managed to (almost) clean the plate. I felt awful, but proud.

Then… well.

I got up and went to the kitchen, so I could leave my plate on the sink. My uncle came in. He said:

-“Holy S***! You just ate a BUNCH, Gabriela. Holy cow…”

Yep. Can you imagine where I spent the next hour?

Oh, yes. In the bathroom. Crying, by myself. Wishing I had eaten less, wishing I had the strengh to throw it all up… Feeling like crap.

Now I´m here. At home. My back hurts. I can´t even stand to lay down. I have bruises.

Anyhow… I´m sorry for this gigantic post. I just needed to get this off my chest. I´m so confused and sad right now. Everyone´s upset. Including me.

I hope this week´s a good one. I hope God helps me. I hope he gives me the strenght to fight. I hope Dad stops hitting me. I hope…

I hope we all succeed. In every single aspect.

And, if you´re still reading this…

Thank you. Seriously.

Good night, lovies. I´ll be back as soon as I can.





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Go With The Flow

Good night, blog world!

Wow! The weekend flied. I can´t believe tomorrow´s Monday again! Oh, well.

I´ve had a pretty awesome weekend. I had three parties in three days. And yes, I´m exhausted right now… But it was all worth it 🙂

Let´s see where did I leave you…




Two-way apple: half with a teaspoon of PB…



And half with 1/2 container of non-fat plain yogurt

School Snack


Half a granola bar and a “Sherlock Holmes” book… 🙂



Tomato and carrot salad, steamed beets, tomato slices, small slice of veggie quiche and spinach and ricotta pie, half a small baked sweet potato



Big baked sweet potato, steamed carrot slices, a small slice of spinach and ricotta pie, tomato slices






Leftover Crunchy PB


Plus half a granola bar and half container of non-fat plain yogurt



Equals deliciouness!


So. Good.





In every angle. (Ok, I´ll stop now… Hehe.)


Obviously, I hated it 😉

School Snack


Half a granola bar



Baked sweet potato, slice of spinach and ricotta pie, carrot and tomato slices, tomato and carrot salad




2 whole wheat bread slices with 2 tbsp of cottage cheese


With a little dijon mustard added on the side… 😉




A “baby spoon” of PB!



Ok, so… I should stop, now.

As the title said, I went with the flow this weekend. Yes, I´ve taken pictures of most of my eats, my with my cellphone camera. And I still don´t know how to upload this pics to my computer (it goes wrong everytime I try. Argh).

But that´s not the point. The point is – I´ve let go. For the first time in God knows how long, I´ve snacked on some grapes before the 15-year-old party I went to. I had sushi there with a couple of friends. I screamed all the songs out loud, and I danced. Shameless, and completely carefree.

It´s been ages since I´ve had that much fun. Besides, something finally caughy my eye – I have the best friends in the world. They´d do anything for me, and I´d sure do the same for them. I can´t believe I took so long to realize that. To give the proper value to that. No everyone has the same luck as me. I´m definetely one lucky gal 😉

So, I could give you guys an exact description of what I through the weekend… But I won´t. Maybe, when I get my cellphone pics uploaded, I´ll do a random post about it. But just maybe 😉

As I said before – I´m exhausted, but happy. And even though I keep moaning about the end of the weekend, I sure can´t wait to go to school, see my friends, read my books, and start a new (work-week) day.

Wish you all an amazing week!



P.S.: I´m thrilled to announce that I have received not one, but THREE awards! Thanks so much, Christina and Amy! I´ll be posting an award-themed post soon…  Very soon! Have a great week, ladies! XOXO.


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