Filled… With Doubt

Good evening, people!

I´m not even gonna say it´s been a while. You all know that pretty well 😉

All I can say is that I really needed this time to figure some things out. By myself.

It´s like I said before – recovery ISN´T easy. It´s actually one of the hardest things I´ve ever had to face. But the key to sucess is not giving up. At least that´s what I´ve heard 🙂

Anyhow. Let me update you on my life.

I´ve been studying, reading, tweeting, laughing, and… ta-da…

NOT calorie counting.

I decided to set a goal to myself, something I knew that could actually be done, something I could change for real.

And that goal was to STOP THE CALORIE COUNT.

It was automatic. Quickly and without even thinking about it, I counted all the calories I was putting in my mouth – making sure they wouldn´t go over 1000, 900, 800… maybe 700 calories, if I was lucky enough to fool Mom.

I finally realized that it wasn´t normal or right. Teenagers at my age don´t count calories. Most of them don´t even know how many calories there are in the simplest things – like apples, or bananas…

I knew that, if I wanted to recover, this needed to stop. Calorie counting has became an obsession of mine. I realize that it can help some to keep on track with their diet and eat the right amount (not more or less then you actually need). But it just doesn´t work for me. You know?

It took me a while to get used to stop myself before I could actually start counting. But it´s been working. Of course, I have slipped a few times… But I´ve been following my “rule” for most of the time.

“Calorie-count is NOT allowed”

Hahahaha. Rule #1 – check!

Now, for the pictures. I´m really considering the idea of stopping the picture-taking for a while, too. It has helped me to keep “on track”, as I´m “not allowed” to calorie-count anymore. Bad idea, Gabriela. Don´t go there.

Let´s see…




Pears… The jucier, the better.





Apples. Only a few selected pics… I eat at least one apple every week-day 🙂


Yogurt Mess. Hmmmm.


The salad-and-quiche combo at Emporium Pax… With tiny melon and pineapple slices and a glass of Iced Tea on the side. T´was a spinach+ricotta quiche.


Times two… Spinach quiche once again.


And times three – heart-of-palms quiche, this time. The were out of the spinach one, haha.

(And, yes – I´ve been to the same restaurant three times to order the exact same thing. Am I a quiche n´salad freak or what?! Wait until you see…)


Should I say times four? It was at a different restaurant… Haha. Spinach Quiche, caprese tower, zucchini-quinoa salad and a glass of fresh OJ.


And… again. Chickpea salad this time 🙂



Mangoes. I wish I had many, many more pics of those to share… 🙂


Buffet plate. Couldn´t the whole thing… But it was delicious, nonetheless.


Non-fat milk+chocolate powder and bread+cottage cheese combo


Banana soft-serve… made with two tiny ‘naners


Apricot Fro-Yo. Not as good as I thought… But, hey – I don´t like apricot. Tough one.


White Cheese and Turkey Breast Calzone. So. Good.




At a party… Salmon and Tuna sashimi, Golden-Fish sushi and ginger.




Plain 0% sugar Fro-Yo! LOVE.


Giant Papaya slice.




Apple and tahine. It was a weird combo… I ate it, anyway 🙂


Cinnamon Nature Valley Bars


Leftover PB+ tbsp of yogurt


Whole Wheat Chicken quiche, heart-of-palms pie, steamed beet slices, tomato slices…


… with a side of black beans.


Baked sweet potato, steamed beet slices, egg “farofa”, chicken quiche slice


Baked sweet potato, steamed beet slices, chicken sausage, heart-of-palms pie


Heart-of-palms pie, black beans, farofa, steamed veggies (beet, carrot, pumpkin)


Brazilian ‘Egg Farofa’, black beans, steamed veggies (beets, carrots and pumpkin) and a lettuce-and-tomato salad on the side


Boiled Egg, Egg Farofa and black beans


Farofa, black beans, chayote and tomato slices, turkey meatballs, baked sweet potato

Ok – that may have been a bit overwhelming!

But… yeah. I guess that´s it, for now.

I´ll update you as soon as I can – more words and less pics, this time, I promise.

Happy almost-Friday to you all!





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8 responses to “Filled… With Doubt

  1. I am so proud of you!!! That is a big step and you will be so much better for it 🙂 Let me tell you that aside from going to a good psychiatrist, stopping calorie counting was THE BEST thing I ever did!! It is just a huge weight off of your shoulders, and a big ED habit that you STOPPED!! WAY TO GO!

    praying for you,


  2. Hey, happy friday, well done with not ccounting, thats a bit step, Im very happy for you. I love quiche too so im glad u enjoy it. xx

  3. YAY! I know it's hard not to calorie count, somedays I cheat and do it and look at the number and it's really only a number. You're young and you should be eating crappy foods but you're not which is smart.
    Also, seeing all the quiche, yogurt, and mangos REALLY makes me want to go to Rio like NOW!

  4. it is hard to not calorie count! its good to see that you are trying.. just try every day.. you might not get it right all the time, but keep going.. it will come : )

  5. I know it's hard to stop counting calories but you can do it! I stopped and now I actually can't even remember how many calories are in a banana and it used to be like second nature to me! It just takes time.

  6. i went through a stage after recovery where i continued to count calories since it was so automatic. it definitely lessens as time passes. even today i will find myself adding things up but most of the time, like 80% of the time, i dont even think about it. so dont worry if u still find urself doing it, know that it gets easier and easier.


  7. thehungryscholar

    I try to avoid counting calories, but when you know the calories of a lot of things…you just do it. UGH. You are strong. Keep up the positive attitude!

  8. I'm jealous of all your mango pictures! I haven't been able to find fresh mangoes at any of my markets. 😦

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