Hey, lovies!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend… Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow canadians (like Susan, Ayla, Jolene…) and congratulations to all my Chicago-Marathoners (Meghann, Leslie, Theodora, Bobbi, Kelly…)!

I’m having a super special weekend. Since Tuesday’s a holiday in Brazil (it’s Kid’s Day!), I won’t have any classes until Wednesday. And, what’s better – Friday is Teacher’s Day, which means another day off!

I’m at Dad’s house right now. I chose to spend the weekend with him instead of mom, since she’ll be alone next weekend (my stepfather will be out traveling). I’m doing this so I can be there to help – taking care of both Lelê and Miguel will be quite a challenge!

Miguel will be 1 (month) tomorrow. He’s growing so fast! I love beeing around him. Newborns are really a blessing.

Anyhow. I’m here to talk about a tough subject…


Case in point: History Olympics.

We went through all four phases… But on the fifth one we were eliminated :/

And you know what’s worst? I wasn’t even sad about it. No, I wasn’t really upset. I was ashamed.

The idea of telling my Mom and the rest of the family that I had failed was almost unbearable. I was too embarassed.

I considered telling you guys. But, again… I was ashamed. I felt like a total failure. Useless.

Tears came to my eyes, but I ignored them. I pretended everything was ok so I could make my friend (and team-partner) stop crying. It worked.

But then, when I got back home… It finally hit me.

I was sad. It would be perfectly normal to cry if I wanted to.

What really convinced me that “we can’t win them all”, though, was the FoodBuzz’s Project Food Blog.

Favorite bloggers of mine, like Allie, Callie, Susan, Caitlin, Sabrina, Katharina, Heather, Monica and Ashley didn’t advance to the 4th round.

And what does it mean? That they’re not good enough?


It simply means that other bloggers have received more votes. Maybe only a few more, who knows? But, again – you can’t win them all.

This situation made me realize…

Why should I be ashamed of failing? Everybody does! Nobody’s perfect! Besides, I can always try again next year. Right?

Oh, well. The joys of beeing a blogger =)

Blogging and learning, guys!

I’m so thankful for all the lessons blogworld has taught me… I do consider myself a (part-time) blogger, and blogworld does hold a special place in my heart.

Recovery-wise… It’s been getting easier. Intuitive eating is rough, but I can always count on my Mom to help me, to be there for me. It’s hard to see her eat so little (she says she wants to loose the remaining “baby fat” in her body) and keep eating, but she always encourages me to eat some more, to have some dessert. I’m so lucky to have the best Mom in the world =)

My relationship with Dad has improved, too. He has his defects, but so do I. Each day, I’m learning to love and accept him the way he is.

I’m obviously still struggling to win my battle over ED, but aside from that… You could say I’m truly happy =)

I’ll be back soon – maybe even before the end of the week(I know – two posts in a week?! It’s been too long, hahaha).

Happy 10/10/10, guys! Christmas’s not too far away!





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9 responses to “10/10/10

  1. Fi

    Xmas, omg, approaching so fast! nice to hear from u g. glad to hear things are going well for u and youre still hanging on in there, mymsa re the best arent they? hope u had a good weekend and enjoy ur extra days off.

  2. that is by no means a failure, I am sure you did awesome! Don't get yourself down ok?

    and I am so glad you have such a great mom to talk things over with, that is truly a blessing 🙂

    Praying for you,


  3. Hey there Gabriela! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    I'm so happy you were able to stop for a moment to analyze your situation: what happened was definitely not the end of the world and there's nothing to be ashamed of! 🙂
    So happy you're happy, and good luck with ur intuitive eating! It is the best thing ever!

    Looking forward to reading more of you!

  4. Just came across your blog, and am in awe of you. It take a strong person to handle the situation like this, and even stronger of a person to realize that you need support. Gracas a deus que sua mae ta do seu lado pra te ajudar! Falei isso certo? Faz muito tempo que nao practico meu portuguese.

  5. hey girlie!!
    you left me such an exciting/inspiring comment! thank you!
    do not be hard on yourself, you tried really hard, and got very close! I know you learned many valuable lessons through the journey, and next year you will rock it! remember it's not always the end result that matters, but the process it takes to get there!
    I hope you have a great week!

  6. jamandjessica

    So glad you are happy! I'm so happy you are finding recovery easier…day by day! You will get there girl because you are such a strong, optimistic person!!

    Look forward to your blogging!! Am so excited you are back!

    hugs and love

    xxxx Jessica.

  7. Hey hun, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    Try not to worry too much about being eliminated from the History Olypmics because like you said, there's always next year. Look at it as a learning experience instead of as a failure. 🙂

    Good luck with the intuitive eating! I've been trying to get more intuitive towards food too and it is WAY harder than it looks. Totally worth it though.

  8. I'm glad you're doing so well! It really sounds like you're beating it. What's intuitive eating exactly? I've heard so many people talk about it, but I've never actually done it myself.

  9. Hey girl! Wanted to stop by your blog, thanks so much for putting me on your blogroll. I'm glad to read that you are feeling happy. Intuitive eating is hard but a challenge worth taking. I'm always working on it myself. Slowly but surely.

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