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Birthday Recap

Hello, guys!

So, I know I promised a full recap “later”… but I surely didn’t plan to postpone that for so long! Unfortunately, now that classes have started and school’s pretty much taking over my life, I had no time to update you at all… But I’m considering going back to the blogging bandwagon. Reading you guys’ blogposts makes me want to do the daily post thing again too 🙂

Anyway, I’ll save that for later. Now, a February 9th 2011 recap!

*** Beware: this post is full of “:)”. But believe me, I was truly happy and I meant every happy face 🙂 ***

I actually started celebrating my birthday on February 8th, my 16th birthday’s eve. Well, kind of… I stayed up late so I could celebrate my last minute as a 15 year-old girl and my first as a 16 year old (woman? haha). Does that count?

I went to bed a little later. Then, I woke up by 5:40am (I know, tough routine!) and sang “Happy Birthday” to myself over breakfast. But not before “printscreening” my iTouch Lock Screen. Just to make sure I’d remember that date and hour for a really long time 🙂


(Quarta-Feira means Wednesday, and Fevereiro means February… just to clarify, haha)



Gotta love my brithday breakfast of choice! CMIAJ (Cereal Mess In A Jar!) 🙂

I wasn’t even half-way through eating my beloved cereal+PB combo when Mom appeared… With Baby Mig on her hands! I wanted her to take a picture with me, but she refused. Too bad… Even though she barely slept that night, she always looks awesome 😉

So I went to school. It was the 3rd day of classes, which means not everyone remembered. But my close friends came to hug me and wish me a happy birthday. Even though I had to face 2 hours of physics, I was a happy girl 🙂

I came home to have lunch with Mom and Stepfather. It was amazing, they prepared all my favourites! I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday lunch 🙂

Right after lunch, Mom and I went to the mall to buy me some clothes – I needed something to wear at my dinner party! I found the most amazing skirt, and left the mall with a huge smile.

Upon coming back, I went out again to buy a slice of whole wheat banana pie (aka my favourite dessert EVER) so we could sing “Happy Birthday” with Baby Mig. He wasn’t allowed to attend my dinner party… considering he’s a 4-month old baby :/

The lady at the counter was so sweet… she asked me why so many people called/sent me messages and why I couldn’t stop smiling. I told her it was my 16th birthday, so she insisted on “surprising” me. I left her while I payed for the pie and, when I came back, I saw this:


CUTE! She wrapped it and gave it to me with the biggest smile on her face. So sweet 🙂

We sang “Happy Birthday” and took a few pictures. That’s where last post’s photo was taken 😉


Blowing the candles!


Birthday “cake”

Right after that, I had to run. I took a shower, got dressed, put on a little make up (which I should do more often) and ran to the restaurant where I’d meet my family.

As soon as I got there, the first family members started to arrive… I was so excited to see each and every one of them!


With Grandma J and Uncle Leo


Aunt R and my cousin M


With Mom and Bruna


Mom and Dad 🙂


With my “birthday cake”… a Whole Wheat Banana Pie from my favourite restaurant!


Making a wish… taken with my Aunt’s iPhone


A close-up on the pie (again, from her iPhone – sorry it’s too shaky)

I had a wonderful night. I ordered a cassava gnocchi with funghi sauce (which was SO good), but I barely had time to eat. I was too busy chatting with my amazing family 🙂

I chose to eat my slice at home, after all the craziness of slicing the cake, getting forks for everyone and making sure they all had plates on their hands. What was left?


Yep… I guess they liked it 🙂


My slice 🙂

I spent my last minutes as a “birthday girl” hugging my Mom and Stepfather. They’re so awesome, and I’m so grateful for having them by my side 🙂

After that I went to bed… smiling from ear to ear 😉

I’d say my 16th birthday was a SUCESS!

I still have to tell you guys about my birthday dinner on February 11th with my friends… But I’ll do that on the next post. TMI, right?

I guess I’ll see you soon. And I hope you guys didn’t die of boredom after reading this post, haha 😉

Until next time!





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Sweet Sixteen

I have a “real post” coming up…

But I’m too excited and busy to post it now!



(Hahahaha, sorry about that. Did I mention how excited I am?)

I’ll probably do a full recap soon… But it’s February 9th, guys! Let’s celebrate!


Singing “Happy Birthday” with Baby Mig, Mom and Lelê

Now, before I leave, I wanted to ask you guys something…

As a personal “birthday gift” 😉

PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE do something that makes you happy today… whatever it is… without feeling guilty afterwards. Eat that piece of cake, hang out with your friends, read a book you adore, cook dinner or go on a date with someone you love.

Do that (and obviously think about me… haha, just kidding!), and I’ll have the best 16th birthday EVER! (insert SUPER smily face here)

Please let me know what you did to celebrate February 9th… I can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂


And… Happy Sweet 16 to myself, haha 😉




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One Week To Go

Hey, people!

Before I begin, let me just say there’s only 7 DAYS (a week) until my 16th birthday!

Yay or Nay?

I was really excited at first, but then… I panicked. I mean, I didn’t know what to do. My 15th birthday pretty much sucked, and my lunch with friends/dinner with family were both terrible. Mainly because all I could think about was food and calories. I don’t remember a thing about my friends, our conversations, presents I’ve won (I didn’t win too many, to be honest… about 2 or 3 gifts from a few family members), the “Happy Birthday To You” song (I was much more worried about the cake I wouldn’t eat – I decided I didn’t want a cake, but then Grandpa’s wife bought me a cupcake/mini-pie so we could sing the song. I was SO pissed), etc.

Like… really?!

It was my birthday, all my loved ones were present, and all I could think about was how much weight would I gain after that day?! C’mon. How FREAKIN’ STUPID is that?!

To make a long story short, you can probably tell I want my 16th birthday to be awesome (and way much better then my 15th). But… what to do?!

I’ve been considering dinners, lunches, even parties (a no-go)…

I really wish we had the money to throw a party. The last party I’ve had was at my… 9th birthday? Or something like that. But my place is pretty small (considering the bunch of people/kids who live in it… and the fact that it is an appartment), and the family members who live near me have small appartments too. So… yeah. A no-go.

I might just have dinner with my family on February 9th (my day!) and… figure out something to do with my friends on the weekend.

Okay, enough rambling… but wish me luck, guys!

Onto another subject. A recovery update.

I’ve been doing pretty well, really… it’s just that I’ve been having lots of disordered thoughts lately. Feeling fat (ok, so fat is not a feeling… but you know what I mean), bloated, heavy, ugly…

But I’ve been ignoring ED’s voice. So far, so great. I haven’t restricted much… and I will not allow myself to do so. Relapsing right now would not be a smart idea… At all.

So my February goal is to STOP THE FAT TALK.

From Eden’s post on ED’s anger and many more, I came to the conclusion I don’t want to be “that girl” anymore. I want to be ED-free as fast as possible. So slipping IS NOT AN OPTION. I’m decided to face my fears and issues and take a stand.

Because I CAN do it. Anybody can. It’s just a matter of will. Recovery means nothing if you’re not willing to recover. And, believe me – I am.

By the way – I recently found this song in someone’s blog and just fell in love with the lyrics (even though the music video’s a bit hard to watch). So, if you’re like me and doesn’t curse, I’d say try singing “freaking perfect” instead 😉

Blogworld has encouraged me so much. I’m honest when I say – thank you, everyone. For the comments, posts and support. Seriously – I wouldn’t be here without you guys! You guys definitely rock 🙂

Oh, and on a brighter note: I went to the beach today with Mom and Lelê! It was actually really fun. Here’s a few pictures:




Oh, and before I forget – here’s another tag (again, written a few months ago)!

1.What is your favorite article of clothing?
2. What is your dream vacation?
3. Have you ever danced in the rain?
4. If you could design your own dream house, what would it look like? big and spacious, small and cozy, condo, etc..
5. If you won the lottery would you quit your job and move to Tahiti?
6. If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7. What would you name your first born son or daughter?

1- Probably shoes and coats (sweaters, hoodies… I like them all 🙂 )

2- A tour through Europe – specially France and England. And maybe a little stop by the U.S. on my way back 😉

3- Not really… No, I don’t think so. I wish I had, though.

4- I’d probably live in a condo in a vibrant neighborhood – with nice restaurants, all kids of shops, malls, bookstores, libraries… And maybe near college, in the future 🙂

5- Probably not. I’d keep on working – I hate the idea of being useless, haha.

6- It would be… fresh unsweetned OJ. I absolutely LOVE it!

7- That´s a good one. I changed my mind thousands of times, but when I was little, I really liked the name “Samantha” [edited to add: I’m in love with the name “Alice” right now. Just so you know, haha]. And, for a boy… I always liked the name “Harry”. (Yep. Harry Potter fan right here!)

Have a great week, loves – the countdown is ON!




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