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Aurea Mediocritas

Hello, everyone!

So, I noticed I haven’t been honest with your guys. Or with myself.

Vacation was actually a great thing, because I had the chance to “not think” for a while. Not to compete with my friends to see who gets the best grades. I didn’t have to do homework, researches or school projects like a mad woman, or sleep by 2am and wake up at 5:30am. I was, in some way, “free”.

I made myself a “vacation to-do list”. I wanted to get things done while I was resting. What actually happened what that my brain was too tired. I didn’t want to study anymore. I didn’t want to do unpleasant stuff anymore. I just wanted to do, read, or eat the things I liked. And that’s where things get tricky.

Everybody has their own issues. Nobody want to handle a bad-humored and self-pitied person. What I mean is: it’s ok to want to rest. It’s ok to feel absolutely desesperate to do things just for your own personal enjoyement for a change. But acting like a (pardon me) bitch and expecting people to put up with it isn’t only unfair, but also wrong.

I learned that, even though I was on vacation, my parents were still working. A whole bunch of people was still working. And when these people come home after a specially long day at work, the last thing they want to do is to deal with their adolescent daughter/son’s grumpiness.

So I decided to cut (them) some slack and start being more helpful. Useful, if you will. However, all my brain and body wanted after so much social interaction was some privacy. I spent days going to bed by 4am watching House, episode after episode. Which meant I’d wake up around 1pm and that I’d have almost no time to do useful/helpful stuff, or even useless and selfish stuff. I was wasting half of my day.

That was when I realized I had a problem. With me, it’s always 8 or 80. Never 36 or 40. I’m fond of extremes. When I like something, I like it veeeeeeeeeeery much. When I hate something… well, same thing. You get the idea.

Which means that, when I decided I’d relax, my brain also assumed that vacation would mean not only “me time”, but also “what I want and feel matters most then anyone else’s wants or feelings” (which, for the record, is absolutely not true).  It also meant that, if I would relax, I wouldn’t study at all – so I didn’t do/study some things that were really important to me before vacation. And not I feel really upset about not doing them.

I had three weeks. Now I only have six days left. And I want to make the most out of them.

This (word-full) post is meant to write down things that I want to accomplish on the next six days. A “To-Do” list. And, this time, I want to make it count.


1) Study the blue book and return it on Thursday

2) Take a look at both the Maths and the Physics books, just to make sure it still makes sense to me

3) Re-study my Chemistry books and try my best to remember the nomenclatures I was supposed to know by heart

4) Take a few online tests

5) Schedule lunches and dinners with friends I haven’t seen in a while

6) Host a Harry Potter Marathon at my house on Friday or Saturday

7) Not eat until stuffed or not-eat until starve. Eat until I’m satisfied

8) Write blog posts as much as I can

9) Read (or at least start) 2 different books

10) Be nice to the people around me who love, but cannot stand my non-talking and anger-hiding person. I need to be more straigh-forward about my needs and feelings – without, obviously, going overboard. Be more understanding is also something I should try.

That’s pretty much it. I’ll add a few more items if I want, but that’s basically what I want to do with the rest of my vacation. Oh, and also watch more House episodes! For some reason, it makes me feel smart Smiley piscando

Oh, and before I forget – the title in Latin “Aurea Mediocritas” means “The golden mean”, because I decided to find my own “middle path”, between too much and too little. It’s a really interesting theory, if you guys want to read about it. Aristotle and Budha definitely have a point Alegre

I guess I’ll go watch one more House episode now. It’s getting late, and I have tons to do in very little time!




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São Paulo Recap–Part I

Hello, everyone!

I’m finally back from SP… It was fun, but I definitely missed HOME!

Let me rewind things a little bit…

We left on Friday afternoon. Our flight was delayed, so it wasn’t really that fun. Luckily, I had had an amazing lunch only a few hours before I left my house… Holy Yuminess!


Veggie Pie, Steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli, Baked Pumpkin

Getting to São Paulo was actually really easy – the issue was getting to the hotel. 6pm on Fridays are the worst. There are just SO many cars out and about! It took us quite some time until we (finally) got there.


I took pictures of the sunset in order to distract myself… Haha.

The first thing we decided to do when we arrived was to look for “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part II” tickets. We ended up choosing the nearest movie theater, which worked out just fine exept for the fact that we had to sit in the first row. Bring it on, neck pain!

I have no words to describe this movie. I know I might not be the most neutral person out there (I’m a big Harry Potter fan, I read and re-read all books several times and even though I always preferred the books, I just HAD to see this last one!  Don’t get me wrong, though – I saw all the movies and have them all at home! But nothing beats J.K. Rowling’s writing), but I honestly think it was pretty darn awesome. If you watched Part I or you “kinda know” HP’s story, PLEASE go watch HP7 – Part II. I promise you’ll have fun!

Dinner before the movie was at Applebee’s. Loved the atmosphere of the place!


I ordered their Teriaky Pasta + Grilled Chicken. It was SO good!

And dessert…


Fro-Yo, fo’ sho’!


I mixed tons of different flavors, including green grape, blueberry, plain, jabuticaba… Plus granola and blueberries!)

Immediately Pre-Movie..


“It all ends – July 15th”. Oh, nooooo….

Saturday was pretty crazy. We all woke up by 10:40am and missed breakfast… So Mom had to order breakfast at our room. Which was actually pretty fun, haha.

After eating a little fruit, Mom and I went to the fitness center. We used the treadmill and then the weights. Mom has a degree in Physical Education, so she’s not only a yoga teacher but also a personal trainer and exercise-expert. All I had to do was follow her instructions. I was definitely sore afterwards – who said she’s take it easy only because I’m her daughter? Smiley piscando

After that, we went to the beauty saloon. Mom and I got our nails did and Bruna had a haircut. She kind of looks the same to me, but… What can I do. Haha.


Mom chose red, I chose baby blue and Bruna’s nails were already painted dark blue.(P.S.: I promise I’m not an alian. My hand’s are just yellow like that. Weird, I know. Hahaha)

Bruna met her friends right after that. We were headed to the mall, where we split – while Bruna hung out, me and Mom went for a walk. We stopped at Starbucks:


Iced Chai Latte, my favorite drink right now

And then Mom had a Green-Tea flavored small Fro-Yo. And I didn’t try it. Blasphemy, I know Smiley piscando

Then we watched “”, a brazilian movie I didn’t really like. Oh, well. You can’t win them all.

After the movie, me and Mom had to act like spies. We basically had to check on a run/race that was going on in the old centre of the city. I can’t say much more, or I could get us in trouble!

Then we went out to dinner with Bruna’s friends and their Moms at Bella Paulista. It was nice. I wish I had a friend of mine to talk to, but it was fun nonetheless.


The Moms


The Girls


Our dish! Mom and I split the “Caponata” calzone (Eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, onion, walnuts with buffalo and parmesan cheese).


These were my first 2 days at SP! I’ll write about the rest when I can Alegre

Sorry for being MIA so frequently! I’ve just been a little sad lately, and the last thing I want is make you guys feel bad. So, don’t worry! I’m doing ok.

See you soon!



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Finally Breathing Once Again

I can’t believe it.

I’m OFFICIALLY on vacation!

I just got my grades at school. I was SO nervous, because everyone else was doing summer school – I have friends that got grades below 6/10 (our “average” grade) on 7 different classes! – so I thought I’d have grades below average as well.


I think my Mom’s right. Even though I was really afraid of the results, I started to be more positive about the whole situation. I mean, I had studied hard! I deserved good grades. I also prayed everyday. Guess it worked!

photo (8)

Despite the blurry picture, can you tell I’m excited?! Smiley piscando

Anyway, I feel SO much better now! Knowing I don’t have to worry about my grades anymore is such a relief! I mean, at least until August… You win some, you lose some!

Today was actually a great day. Ignoring the fact that I woke up by 7 am shaking and having nightmares about my grades and had to get up ir order to get to school on time to pick them up, I definitely had fun!

Mom, Baby Mig and I went for a stroll around our neighborhood. We also looked for a good WWBP to eat so we could celebrate my grades! The first place we tried wasn’t that good, so we kept walking until we found a no-sugar whole wheat banana pie that was calling my name…



Plus, it was pretty awesome hanging out with those two. Gotta love my family!


(Recycled pic from Baby Mig’s 5 month party… but you get the picture!)

I wish I had the material to do a “WIAW”, but I guess I’ll leave it to next week… As I’m traveling to SP on Friday, I though I’d post a few random eats.

What I Have Been Eating Wednesday…

photo 2 (15)

Baked Pumpkin, cooked eggplant and eggplant bake (eggplant+mozzarella+tomato sauce)

photo 2 (12)

Multiple-Choice Salad (can you guess what’s in it?)

photo 2 (14)



Baked Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Garbanzo Beans and Fradinho Bean Salad

photo 2 (6)


photo 3 (16)

Apple + Spoonful of PB

photo 1 (7)

Oat Yogurt + Fiber One

I promise a recap post on all my eats and adventures at São Paulo!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!




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Back for Good

Hello, everybody!

First of all – Happy Friday!

Though I can’t really say TGIF… Since I’m on vacation Smiley piscando

But I swear they’re really well-deserved! I’ve taken about 12 exams in short 5 days. Who said test weeks were a breeze?!

What can I say.. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I hope you guys liked the new blog… Because I’ll be using it from now on, and I’ll seriously post more often! I already have a few post ideas for the next few days… So get ready – Fro-Yo Lover’s back!

First, I’d like show you in this post my favorite foods for the winter.

Yes – I live in Brazil, so July means winter to us!

Let me tell you a story: winters in Brazil are (or, at least, used to be) not all like northern hemisphere’s – temperatures are really not low at all!

But this year’s been really weird. Summer was INCREDIBLY hot (even by our standarts), and winter’s being UNBELIEVABLY cold. At least for us cariocas!

It’s been weeks since I used shorts outside. Like I said before, unbelievable.

So July 2011 will mean… COMFORT FOOD!

Gabriela’s “must-haves” for July 2011


I guess the header says it all… PB+Cereal has became my concotion of choice and ultimate comfort food!


I know this is a little redundant, but… CIAJ, anyone? Smiley piscando


Whole Wheat Banana Pie! I said it before, but I’ll say it again – you guys don’t know what you’re missing. Call me if you’re in Rio and I’ll tell you the BEST places to find this slice of HEAVEN!


Cottage Cheese and Cereal – can you tell I’m in a real cereal-heavy phase?


Greek Yogurt! It’s my 2nd time doing it, and I’m definitely LOVING the cream-ness!

photo 5

Salad+Quiche combo… Gotta love that eggplant+zucchini+dried tomato salad!

photo 1 (1)

Egg omelet+Kabocha = LOVE

photo 5 (5)

Ok, I know Miguel’s not a food… But isn’t he simply irresitible? Hahaha Smiley de boca aberta

photo 1 (2)

Ok, can we just stop for a second to comment on my Mom? She’s not only the sweetest, most altruistic, strongest and kindest person I know, but also the most GORGEOUS Mom out there! She’s definitely the bestest. Love you, Mom Smiley piscando


I realize we moved on from foods to the general aspect of “must have”… Because, seriously, I MUST HAVE my friends!

(This picture was taken yesterday, while we were organizing my friend’s surprise birthday party. She loved it, it was awesome,and I’ll miss her SO MUCH! She leaves on Sunday to England – lame, I know. Hahaha, lucky girl! – and will be spending her actual birthday there. But we just couldn’t NOT celebrate!)

Well.. I guess that’s it!

Catch up with you guys later!




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Fro-Yo Lover has MOVED!

Hey, party people!

So… I’m on winter vacation now! Today was my last day of tests (YAY!), which means I can finally take care of my blog’s “situation”, as I’d like to put it.

It’s been a few weeks since my Mom’s laptop (which is, at least for now, mine) decided that had a malware.

I could now open blogs like Jenny’s, Naomi’s… basically any Blogger-based websites (apart from I really wish I knew how to fix this, but I’ve been trying to do it for days now without success.

So I finally gave up!

NO! Not blogging altogether, are you out of your mind? 😉

I decided to move from froyolover.blogspot to froyolover.wordpress. Not a big change, I know. I really wanted to change my blog’s name and url, but I realized that would mean creating a new twitter account, a new e-mail, etc etc… Thus, “Fro-Yo Lover” stays. However, the title now means something else to me… Which I explain at the “Why ‘Fro-Yo Lover’?” page.

I hope you guys approve my “new” blog… And my new blogging style!

I mean, since the beginning of “Fro-Yo Lover”, I changed a LOT! You guys may have noticed that 🙂

Anyway… that’s it for now.

Expect a brand new post tomorrow!

See you soon, and Welcome to!


Q: Did you guys like the new layout? What about the new header? I made it on my own, and I’m super proud of it 🙂


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